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Time Management

Time Management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. In today's world, time has become very valuable. There is a principle known as the Pareto Principle, also called 80:20 Rule. It says that of all the results that we produce in the day, 80 percent of those results are generated with 20 percent of our efforts. So just imagine what would happen if you could achieve 100 percent of efficiency, though that is an ideal situation. The least we could do is to try to improve upon ours to reach a better level.



Now the question arises "How to practice efficient Time Management". This is one of the most frequently asked question specially by the first year undergraduates. IIT Kanpur provides students with a wide variety of opportunities to explore. All those opportunities seem fascinating to these students as most of the students have not done anything like that in school and experience here for the first time. But as you know we have only 24 hours in our day clock. So,this is where they feel the need for Time Management.

Practise Time Management

To manage time efficiently first thing one need to do is to know how he/she spend their time. Once one get a log of their time expenditure, they need to get organized and schedule their time appropriately. One need to learn to give priority to some tasks over others. One also need to manage your external time wasters like social media, chit chat, unexpected visitors,etc. And lastly, one need to stay healthy to make efficient use of their time.

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