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On 1 september 2011 IIT Kanpur had passed a project for establishing SERE (Solar Energy Reasearch Enclave) in order to supplement electricity requirement of IITK campus and for research in the field of renewable energy sources. Finally on 3 July 2013 inaugration of the newly built SERE is done. This power station is supplying electricity during day time (8hrs) and thus help in reducing dependence on grid power. Solar power station is used for research and as test platform for utility scale solar energy technologies. SERE is also helping in generating useful data for future implementation of such projects in the region.

Solar Station at SERE



SERE is located .



Solar Station at SERE
  • SERE has established power station which is capable of supplying 50kW of electricity.
  • SERE has also setup power stations at Western Labs,Western Labs ext.,Faculty Ext.
  • SERE is capable of taking 355 data/min.

PV Technologies

PV stands for Photovoltaic technologies. SERE has 7 PV technologies. These are

  • Multi Crystalline Silicon
Multi Crystalline Silicon
  • Amorphous Silicon and CIGS Thin Film
Amorphous Silicon and CIGS Thin Fil

  • Mono and Multi Crystalline Silicon(source sere iitk plant near hall x1)
Mono and Multi Crystalline Silicon

  • Thin Film Amorphous Silicon
Thin Film Amprphous Silico

  • Mono Crystalline Silicon
Mono Crystalline Silicon
source=sere iitk office

  • Indium Gallium Selenide (C.I.G.S)
Indium Gallium Selenide (C.I.G.S)

  • High Efficiency PV Concentrator
High Efficiency PV Concentrator


  • To serve as a regional nodal center for promoting research in solar energy.
  • To assist in policy and regulatory processes governing renewable energy particularly solar energy.
  • To increase the awareness of green technologies amongst the public.
  • Training and human resource development in

the area of renewable energy.

  • Initiate new and augment the existing programs for long term research and development in solar power generation, storage, distribution.



As a Golden Jubilee initiative, the Institute has undertaken an ambitious project to setup a 500 kW Solar Energy Research Experimental Station (SERES) on Shivli road at Kanpur. It will supply power to nearby villages at subsidized rates. The project is first of its kind, since it has technology as well as social dimensions.This initiative was inaugrated by our former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh on 14th september 2012.


any other faculty members.

Research areas of sere

  • Solar energy economics, policy and regulation
  • Institutional and financial innovations for applications of solar energy including Building

Integrated Photo-voltaic (BIPV), hawker lighting etc.

  • Implementation Issues for Solar Energy Projects
  • Rural Electrification and Solar Energy
  • Technology Diffusion
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Database for performance evaluation of solar projects
  • Design innovations for PV modules and appliances

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