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Registration is an important process in IITK which every student has to go through before the start of each semester. The registration process involves pre-registration which has to be done in the semester prior to the one registering for and main registration which usually takes place a week before the start of academic activities. Both of them has to be done by the students themselves and failing to do so may lead to fines or more severe punishments.



Pre-registration is an online process done of or which can be accessed via Internet Explorer .Sign in requires student's Roll number and password as set by student. The students have to submit a request for every course they want to take up in the next sememster which then has to be approved by the Instructor-in-charge . The students have to follow their department's course template to see which courses they can opt for. They must also ensure that there is no time-table clash among the courses. Each student can have credits ranging from 35 to 65 in one semester. In case a student failed to successfully complete their pre-registration , they have to manually register during the main registration process.

Main Registration

This process can not be done online and has to be done manually. All the students are required to pay their semester fee prior to the registration time and take printout of the same along with Hall Dues clearance receipt (usually mess bill of last month) and get it signed from Hall authorities to confirm that they don't have any remaining dues from previous semester .Semester fee can be paid from SBI iCollect or Axis/ICICI payment gateways or via demand draft. Each student is alloted a 3 hour slot in which they can come and sign the registration roll . They have to present the Fee and No dues receipts during signing. Students can also get their ID cards updated parallely.

Late Registration

In case a student fails to appear on the day alloted to them for registration , they can do late registration which happens around a week after main-registration . They also have to pay a fine of INR 1000.

Add/Drop courses

The period of adding a course lasts one week and starts when the academic activities do. Students can apply to add any course on OARS which then has to approved by the Instructor. If accepted , they have to submit the new form containing their course list for approval from DUGC. The last date for dropping a course is much later and can be checked on DOAA website.

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