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Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (commonly known as IIT Kanpur or IITK) has very strict and effective set of rules which are upgraded time to time. During the registration students have to submit undertaking as per the provisions of the anti-ragging verdict. The Institute has three level of Anti-ragging Committee.

Committees and squads have been formed by the order of the Supreme Court of the India, Directives of the Supreme Court of India, dated May 16, 2007 in SLP No (s) 24295 of 2006 University of Kerala Vs Council, Principals’, Colleges, Kerala & Ors (with SLP(C) No. 24296-99/2004 & W.P. (Crl) No. 173/2006 and SLP(C) No. 14356/2005).


Ant-ragging Committees

Institute level Anti-ragging Committee

This committee has been formed by the order of the Supreme Court of the India.

This Committee is personally looked after by Dean of Student’s Affairs of the Institution. All the serious matters are brought to the committee so as to take fair and appropriate actions quickly. The committee not only ensures the appropriate punishment for the offender but also any false reports and accusations.

Members of the Committee
Dean of Students’ Affairs Chairman
Head, Inst. Counseling Service Member
Chairman, Council of Wardens Member
Chairman, Security Adv & Exe. Comm. Member
President Students’ Gymkhana Member
PG Coordinators, Inst. Counseling Service Member
Asst. Registrar, DoSA Mem-Secy

Institute level Anti-ragging Squads

This Squad has been formed by the orders of Supreme Court of India.

Dean of Students’ Affairs act as the Chairman of the Squad. The squads provide the closer and clear view of such cases with the help of the Wardens in-charges of Halls of Resident and Presidents of Hall Executives Committees. The Wardens in-charge is a professor of the Institution. President of Hall Executive Committee is a student who is chosen by students residing in the hall.

Members of the Squads
Dean of Students’ Affairs Chairman
Chairman, COW Member
Wardens in-charge of all Halls of Res. Member
Hall Executives Committees Member

Hostel Level Anti-ragging Squads

These Squads have been formed additionally by the Institution’s Anti-ragging Committee. It is necessary for each Hall of residents to form such squad. This squad is responsible to stop occurrence of such cases. In first month of newcomer these squads keep check on the interaction between seniors and newcomers. Due to the involvement of students this squad work very efficiently and act effectively.

Members of the Squads
Warden-in-charge of the Hall of Residence Convener
All Wardens of the Hall of Residence Member
President of Hall Executive Committee Member
Members of the Hall Executive Committee Member

Counselling Service

With all these Committees and Squads, IIT Kanpur also has Counselling Service as a very important unit to ease students stay in campus. Counseling Service ensures to provide counselling to any student if required. It also promotes healthy interaction between seniors and new-comers. Orientation Program is organised and is a main a step to build healthy relations between seniors and new-comers.

Counseling service also provide solutions to academic problems, emotional issues, career awareness, financial difficulties stress, exam anxiety and personal problems.

Counselling Service

Following are members of Counselling Service:

  • Head, Counselling Service
  • Professionals
  • Student Team
Under Graduate Team
Core Team Members, Operations
Core Team Members, Academics
Core Team Members, Guidance
Student Guides
Academic Mentors
Post Graduate Team
Post Graduate Core Team

Students Response

Other than all the efforts made by the Institute to stop ragging, students respect and try their best to create a healthy relation with new-comers. After a very short period of time, students find themselves as a part of a big family and try to help each other in every manner they can. Most hostels have the culture of Bapu/Amma relation between seniors and new-comers.


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