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Orientation Programme is the induction programme of the incoming batch into IIT Kanpur. It is conducted for 5-10 days depending upon the academic calendar. It is mandatory for freshers to attend this orientation program. Students come to study in IIT Kanpur from different parts of the country and from different cultural backgrounds. The main aim of Orientation Programme is to help them mingle with each other and also to give them a glimpse of life at IIT Kanpur. It also covers all the necessary formalities of a new student required for their admission. The programme is designed for the new students to acclimatize themselves with the environment and introduces them to the various sections of the IITK community.




The Orientation Programme is organized by the Counselling Service of IIT Kanpur. Counselling Service is the body of IIT Kanpur consisting of counsellors as well as students which aims at providing emotional support to students in times of distress. A group of nearly 14 students comprising of third and fourth yearites work throughout the summer for the successful organization of the Orientation Programme. The Counselling Service also appoints nearly 160 second yearites as student guides who coordinate with the core team in the organizing the programme. It follows a rigorous SG Selection procedure to select the candidates who are suitable for the position. A group of 6-9 freshers are allotted a Student Guide. The student guide helps them throughout the orientation programme and also acts as a guide for them throughout their stay at IIT Kanpur.


A large variety of events are conducted in the Orientation Programme to provide entertainment to the freshers as well as a taste of life at IIT Kanpur. These events introduce the freshers to various activities which take place in the campus and also see that all the formalities for a new admission such as submission of certifcates etc. are taken care. Some events are included or excluded every year in the schedule depending on their relevance and the duration of the Orientation Programme. Some of the main events of the Orientation Programme are as follows:

This is a picture of Flight Lab, IIT Kanpur. More pictures at link.

Campus Tours

The campus of IIT Kanpur is one of the most beautiful campus in the country extending over an area of roughly 1065 acres. The students are taken around the campus in buses with the directions of student guides so that they get a rough idea of various places in the campus such as Flight Lab, P K Kelkar, CCD, Academic Area Swimming Pool etc.. Freshers also get a brief idea of the numerous facilities available at IIT Kanpur during the campus tour.

SnT Pavillion

The freshers are given demonstrations of the summer projects done by the seniors of the respective clubs. Its main aim is to inculcate an interest among the freshers to join the SnT clubs such as Robotics Club, Aeromodeling Club, Electronics Club etc. which would lead to progress of the respective clubs.

Faculty Talks

Talks are given by various professors guiding the freshers on how to make the most of their stay at IIT Kanpur. Freshers are also encouraged to ask questions to the professors regarding any doubts and fears they have about IIT Kanpur. A department wise faculty interaction is also conducted so that the freshers can gain an insight into their department.

Know-Your-Department Sessions

Unlike other sessions, this session takes place independently at their respective department buildings. The professors of respective departments explains students how the academic life is going to be and what they are going to learn here. This session motivates and improves confidence regarding their academics.

Presentations by fest core teams and other clubs

The fests of IIT Kanpur are really conducted on a huge scale. Presentations are given in the auditorium by the core team members of the fests and the freshers are encouraged to join the fest organization team. Presentations are also given by all the clubs and hobby groups so that the freshers can pursue their interests during their stay here.

Inter-wing competitions

A variety of inter-wing competitions such as sports, wing photography, video making etc. are held in each hall. The sports are generally fun based such as tug-of-war, dodge ball etc. The main aim of these inter-wing competitions is to create a sense of bonding with the wing mates with whom they have to spend their coming four years.

Sky photo

All the freshers are made to stand in such a way that their batch number is visible when seen from the roof of the auditorium. An example is shown in the adjacent pic where nearly 800 freshers of 2014 batch stand in the shape of 'Y14' for the sky photo.
Sky photo of the Y14 batch.


Taking admission into a reputed institute obviously requires many formalities and is often a tiresome process. But at IIT Kanpur, all the formalities are taken care during the Orientation Program itself and is no longer troublesome. Different formalities include making of ID card, creating a bank account, creating an institute email id etc. The student guides along with the core team ensure the smooth conduction of the entire process.

Programmes for parents

Some programmes are also conducted for the parents of the freshers such as awareness about the easy availability of loans for IIT students, interaction with faculty etc.


This is an optional 3 day programme with not much importance and is conducted depending on the time availability.

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