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OAT, IIT Kanpur

The New Student Activity Center (New SAC) of IIT Kanpur is the hub of all the extracurricular activities of students. It has rooms for ll the clubs of Students' Gymkhana. It also has an Open Air Theatre (OAT) with a seating capacity of over 1400 people.

It is used in almost every inter-hall competition like Galaxy, Takneek, etc and also for many events and shows in the institute. It also has a projector and a great sound system. The Film and Media Council of IIT Kanpur arranges the screening of various movies and major sports events at regular interval.


Functions Organized at OAT

  • Fresher's Night
  • Takneek
  • Galaxy
  • Musical Extravaganza
  • Screening of Movies and Sports Events

Fresher's Night

Every year Fresher's Night is organized for first year students at OAT. All the plays, music events, dance events etc are performed by freshers here.


Takneek's Event "Wild Soccer" at IIT Kanpur

Takneek is the inter hall technical competition of IIT Kanpur. The major events of Takneek like Wild Soccer, Treasure hunt, etc are held here every year.


Galaxy "Group Dance" at IIT Kanpur link.

Galaxy is the cultural inter hall competition of IIT Kanpur. All the Dance Events , musical events etc are performed on the stage of OAT.

Musical Extravaganza

It is organized twice in a year.

Screening of Movies and Sports Events

The Films and Media Council of IIT Kanpur arranges screening of various movies and sports events at regular interval. Most of the matches of FIFA World Cup 2014 were screened at OAT. The final match of T20 World Cup between India and SriLanka was also screened here.

Food Courts

There is also a food court where the people of IIT Kanpur have food available 12 hours a day. The stalls in the food court include Kathi Roll, Crown Burgers, Wazwan etc.

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