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Merit cum Means(MCM) scholarship in IITK

IIT Kanpur awards many scholarships to its students on the basis of merit and means. Merit cum Means(MCM) scholarship is one of those scholarships. It provides major financial support to students from weaker economic backgrounds.

About Merit cum Means Scholarship

Students receive full tuition waiver and pocket allowance of Rs 1000 per month for the duration of the program. MCM is a merit based scholarship, hence, the recipients must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5. However, if CPI falls below 6.5 (but remains above 6.0) then pocket allowance is withdrawn and students will only receive full tuition waiver. Parents annual income should be within certain limits (currently,Rs 6.0 Lakhs) to get this scholarship. This scholarship is for all undergraduates (B.Tech, BS, Major-Minor, Major-Major M.Sc.(2 year), M.Sc.-Ph.D. (UG Part)). MCM is awarded annually.

Application Process

Applications from each year students are generally invited in the month of August. Each year DOSA(Dean of Student Affairs) notifies students by sending an email about application process and last date to apply. Students have to bring either a Parental Income Certificate(format issued by DOSA) or Form 16a depending on whether their parents pay income tax or not. Parental Income Certificate must not be older than 6 months otherwise a new income certificate must be created. The certificate must be attested by a public notary with a Rs. 10 stamp on it with signs of both of the parents. Form 16a must be of previous financial year.


Students will receive tuition fee waiver according to amount of fee they pay as Academic Fee(includes tuition fee and hostel fee) in semesters. Hostel fee is not covered in MCM. Other than that students will also get pocket allowance of Rs 1000 per month for 10 months each year.


Usually, DOSA office sends the first list containing the names of all the recipients students after 1-2 months after the last date of application submission. After the first list, if your name is not in the list, then you can contact DOSA office and make a appeal. There are 3-4 lists each year containing recipients. [1]

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