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To choose courses, first log in to OARS link availble on IITK homepage with your login-credentials. The OARS page must be opened on Internet Explorer v. 6.0 or above because other browsers doesn't fully support it. The two links available for OARS can be used depending on the need to choose for current or next semester.

OARS page


OARS interface

The interface of OARS contains options on left side and login field and instructions at center of page. After logging in, you get to see new options available like student's information, next semester registration, etc. which contains links nested inside them also. Click on the appropriate link as per required.

Next Semester Registration

When opting courses for next semester, you can see course template on the left side of OARS and then filling correctly. You can then add courses accordingly like ESOs, HSSs with different level, etc.


When adding or dropping courses in current semester, first select that particular course and then request to add/delete accordingly. It then send a request to instructor's oars page where he can decide to follow your request. The decision can be first-cum-first or department preferences. For dropping a course, you may have to submit instructor's permission in DOAA office also.

Compulsory Courses

For compulsory courses, you don't have to worry about its acceptance. You can do compulsory courses any number of times. However, for dropping it, you should have appropriate reason. Finally, DUGC approves your adding/dropping of these courses.

HSS courses

HSS courses have different elective system - lottery system. All choices of students are picked at random and alloted per availability of seats. HSS courses have different levels also and you must complete sufficient number of credits for these courses as mentioned in UG department template. Same applies for ESOs, DEs, OEs also.

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