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Hall of Residence 10

Hall of Residence 10 is the second newest and largest hostel, first being the Hall-12(currently under construction). It is about 1 K.m. away from the academic area. The hostel was constructed along with and symmetrical to Hall-11. The hostel has three blocks:A, B & C, each having 4 floors. It currently houses about 650 students. It has 504 rooms out of which 10 rooms in ground floor of C-block have been reserved as guest rooms. Each room is adequately spaced, with one almirah, one bed as well as one table. First years double up, while others live single in the rooms. The hostel mainly consists of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year B-Tech students along with some PhD, M-Tech and dual-degree students.


Mess : Hall has the best mess services among the UG hostels in IIT Kanpur, which asks for an advance payment of INR6000+extra at the start of every semester. The mess has a system of extras, in which a person can eat some special dishes (Non-veg or Veg) by crediting in his account, if the main course is not to his liking.
Canteen : The canteen is currently run by Lalaji, who also runs the canteen in Hall-9. It has a wide variety of snacks, drinks, etc. and Indian as well as Chinese dishes. The canteen also has an accounting system which keeps tabs of the pending payments for every resident. The canteen opens daily at 2PM and closes at 2AM.
Photocopy shop : Provides xerox, spiral binding, color as well as black-white printing, and scanning services.
Hall-X campus e-shop : The first shop in the campus to have a facebook page of its own, through which it advertises its wide variety of products and offers. It is believed that the shop has practically everything a student could use: stationery, cosmetics, toiletries, sports equipment, computer essentials, garments, coolers, anything; you name it you get it. It has also opened a branch in the new shopping centre in front of new RA building.
Dispensary : Two doctors are present in the dispensary six days a week(Mon-Sat) from 5PM to 9PM during summer and 4PM to 8PM during winter. It is in the left part of the central building, in front of Hall Office.
Reading room: The reading is well ventilated and has many textbooks as well as novels and magazines which can be issued by the residents.
Computer room :Has 3 computers, of which 2 have Windows OS while the other has Linux OS installed in them.
Games room :The Games room has two table tennis tables. Students can be seen here often enjoying the game in the evening.
TV roomThe 40" TV was installed in 2015. It has almost every channel subscribed.
Music roomHas a drum set, guitar, synthesizer, amplifiers, 2 mics and a sound mixer and can be used by any resident.

Sports Facilities

Basketball court : To the right of the Hall entrance, beside Block-A, is the Basketball court, which often doubles up as a cricket court as well.
Badminton court :The hostel has 3 badminton courts, one for each block
Volleyball court : The Volleyball court is situated beside the Basketball court.
Games room : There are two games rooms for playing Table-Tennis, Chess and Carrom as well as enjoying other indoor activities.
Cricket & Football Ground : There is a huge ground between Hall 10 and Hall 11, which is used for playing Cricket and Football.

Hall 10, like every other hostel in IITK, has three wardens. Wardens are an integral part of the Hall Executive Committee (HEC), which has a very important role in the functioning and upkeep of the hall. Headed by warden-in-charge, with maintenance warden and mess warden, day-to-day functioning of Hall 10 is governed by them. Hall Executive Committee which is a student body having a mix of UG and PG students, which is elected every year for smooth conduction of various inter and intra-hall activities. Hall 10 organizes its hall day, Jalsa to show the glimpse of it's enriched wing and hall culture. It also organizes Phatta League which is intra-hall cricket premier league and inter-wing competition called Odyssey to increase the interaction between its residents.

More can be explored at the Hall 10 webpage: http://www.iitk.ac.in/hall10/

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