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Dramatics Club

'Introduction': Dramatics club is one of those clubs which will enlighten confidence ,boldness ,remove stage fear ,help you make friends in your initial days and many other traits that will play a vital role while your stay at IIT Kanpur .The club is managed by 3rd year co-ordinates thereby enabling better interaction with your seniors .The club also participates outside IITK-Campus.


History: Establishment of the club can be traced back to around 1970 from various resources however exact year is still not available .Such strong roots of clubs make it an important part of IITK.

Events: 1.Dramatics Eve 1(Aug) This the first event of Dramatics Club and students are highly encouraged to take part in it. IT takes place in Month of August.

2.Antragni Stage Play & Street Play Antragni is the stage where you see best of the best talent .This is an great opportunity for the club to showcase their talent .The event takes place in the motnth of October.

3. Galaxy Stage Play & Street Play huge participation is seen from the students in Galaxy. They prepare for stage play and street play for almost 2 months and finally showcase their skills in March with the objective of making their hall win the battle.

4.Dramatics Eve 2 Stage Play & Street Play This the 2nd Dramatics event and till now many students are already involved in the club .Students prepare themselves for stage play and street play.

Workshop: (Summer-June) Professional from outside are being called to train the students .The duration of workshop is around 1month .Students get well rehearsed and trained for the stage play which is being performed of the end of the workshop i.e at the end of June.

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