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Computer Center ([1])

Computer Center at IIT Kanpur is a central facility that caters to the computing needs of faculty members and students. It caters to 4000 users and is popularly known as CC. The facility operates round the clock throughout the year and is backed up by UPS and generator for uninterrupted services. It provides Email, Web, DNS, FTP, Internet access, HPC and other services to the campus community round the clock. CC also provides various advanced and special purpose software for all the campus users against the background of the present tech-savvy global scenario. Currently, it is headed by Mr Ashish Dutta and Chief computer engineers Dr K.S. Singh and Mr Navpreet Singh.



CC Servers
  • This centre was established in 1964 and it was started in Western Labs under Department of Electrical Engineering.
  • It moved to its present building in 1969, when it was recognized as an independent department in the Institute.
  • IBM-1620 was the first Computer acquired by IIT Kanpur. Next was IBM-7044 in 1966, followed by an IBM-1401.
  • Several specialized Computers such as IBM-1800, PDP-1 etc were added in subsequent years. The next major upgrade was the addition of DEC-1090 mainframe computer in 1979, which was the first sharing computer of IIT Kanpur. This was first computer which had terminals.
  • PDP-1 In 1989, CC purchased Super minicomputers of HP 9000 series.
  • In 1987, the first PC lab was setup providing DOS environment.
  • Convex 220 was setup in 1990. CC got its Mini Supercomputer.
  • First parallel computer IBM SP2 was setup in 1999.
  • Email service was run under Ernet project in early 1990s and was subsequently moved to computer centre around 1994
  • In 1995 the Campus Network was upgraded to 100 Mbps Fiber Backbone and 10 Mbps UTP Access Network.
  • Convex-220 64 Kbps Internet link was setup in 1998 and today the bandwidth has increased to more than 1 Gbps.
  • 8 Linux Cluster (SUN & HP) set up in 2004-05.


The main facilities provided by CC are:

  • User Login is provided to every student and faculty member which is required for authentication to access the internet and LAN facilities.
  • Personal Home Page can be hosted by all Users with an active account with the Quota being 50MB for students and 250MB for faculty members.
  • Disk Quota of 2GB is provided to every authenticated user.
  • CC facilities are also available to non students and employees with the payment of a nominal charge
  • High Performance Computing
  • Institute Local Area Network (LAN) covering academic area, residential area and students' hostels.
  • Email facility to over 8000 users.
  • Computer Labs
  • Various software for specialized research and general use by the campus.


Windows Lab

The Windows Lab are available to faculty, staff and students. The labs enable users to perform general computing tasks, such as word processing, email and internet surfing, as well as more advanced computing tasks required for course work and research. A list of software installed is available on the Software installed link.

There are a total of 65 high powered PCs in 2 labs havind Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. Each lab machine has a basic software configuration on the desktop, with a more comprehensive software grouping available in the workstation's programs list.


  • Cell phone use is not allowed.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed.

The location of labs are as follows:

L1 Windows Lab: 40 PCs

  • Processor: Intel® Core i7-2600 @ 3.4GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk: 500GB SATA HDD
  • Monitor: 21" TFT Monitor Full HD

The first 10 PCs are also equipped with NVIDIA GeForce 210 1GB Graphics Card with CUDA.

L4 Windows Lab: 25 PCs

These have the same configuration as the L1 Windows Lab.

The labs are maintained using a re-imaging utility built-in house. The labs are redeployed frequently (at least once in a semester) whereby new software and patches/service packs/hot-fixes are installed.

Linux Lab

The Linux Labs are available to faculty, staff, and students. There are total of 225 High powered PCs in 3 Labs located in 2 buildings - Computer Centre Building and New Core Building.

All the PCs allow access via SSH and can be accessed from halls and via VPN from outside IITK.

The location of labs are as follows:

L2 Linux Lab: 35 PCs

  • Hostname: ccpc211 - ccpc245
  • IPs: -
  • Operating System: CentOS"
  • Software: Most of Open Source and some Proprietary Software
  • Extra Facilities: White Board and Display projector
  • Booking: One can book lab for any course as per the capacity and availability

L3 Linux Lab: 70 PCs

  • Hostname: ccpc141 - ccpc210
  • IPs: -
  • Operating System: CentOS"
  • Software: Most of Open Source and some Proprietary Software
  • Booking: One can book lab for any course as per the capacity and availability

These LINUX PCs may be used remotely by connecting through the command "ssh -X <hostname>" from your local LINUX desktop. You need to have an X-environment. LINUX has this environment inbuilt but WINDOWS need to use software like X-Ming, XCEED, X-Manager, etc for creating this environment.

Note: telnet is not allowed of these machines.

Source: CC Labs

Areas of Computing

CC plays a major role for IIT Kanpur in various fields of computing. Various researches are constantly being carried out at Computer Center, which include:

  • Scientific Computing Tools
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Office Software
  • Database Packages

Network Connectivity

IITK network is one of the largest campus networks in the country with capacity of about 6000 nodes with about 4000 active connections. The Institute network backbone is a Fast Ethernet Fiber Optic backbone which connects the computer center and administrative offices. The access network is structured UTP network using 10/100 Mbps switches, Connectivity to the residences is provided over the Institute telephone network using ADSL with installed capacity of 500 lines. CC also have a dialup access router with 48 lines for dialup access from anywhere within the Institute. It has 4Mbps leased lines for Internet connectivity from VSNL.

State of the Art Systems

CC is well-equipped with various modern technologies. It contains two class room type labs for conducting interactive lab sessions during classes. A state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Lab is also being setup.
It consists of a huge variety of high level Machine Systems like:

  • IBM-SP, Sun Enterprise 10000, Param10000, SGI Origin 3400, Compaq
  • 8 way server, HP L3000, Dec Es40.
  • 300 Linux/Windows PCs 20 graphics work-stations.

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