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Hall Canteen, IIT Kanpur
In IIT Kanpur there are 10 Boys Halls, GH-1 and GH-Tower and each hall contains its own individual canteen except GH-Tower. Canteens are the only other eatery in halls apart from the Hall messes. These canteens are like mini restaurants in the sense that you can sit here and have food. This is also reflected in the menu, which is forms an exhaustive list consisting of snacks, main course food and desserts. Each hall's canteen is operated under a separate contract which is renewed every year. New tenders are floated once in three years.


All the canteens are invariably open from 2 PM to 2 AM. Yes, your read that right, 2 AM. This is one of the reasons many of the students have turned into night owls after coming to IIT Kanpur.

Credit System

Canteens usually adopt a credit system so that a student doesn't have to pay in cash every time he/she has some food in the canteen. Instead, the amount gets written to his/her account. The cumulative amount can then be repaid by the student at a later date, without interest!


There is a television set up inside the canteen for everyone's (or sometimes just the canteen workers') entertainment. When an important cricket or soccer match is going on, the canteen is packed to the core. Thus, it also plays the role of a sports bar sometimes.

Hall 4 canteen is the most popular hall canteen in the campus. It is one of the most crowded places during dinner time which is why it takes around 20 minutes for an order to be served.

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