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Birthday is a day that comes once a year, when a person celebrates the anniversary of his/her birth. Birthdays are celebrated in numerous cultures, often with a gift or a party.

Birthdays are very special occasions in the IIT Kanpur campus too. As soon as the clock strikes 12, the whole wing is ready to release all their energy into the birthday bumps. This is followed by various traditions and rituals. For example, at some places it is customary for the room-mates of the birthday boy to enjoy the birthday bumps too. After all the traditions and so called fun ceremonies, people go to canteen for a small treat which will obviously be followed by a grand treat on weekend. Although some wings have been found to follow the tradition of having a giant party following the ending of a month, thrown by the people whose birthdays befall in it.

Apart from the wing celebration, let me share with you some quick tips as to how to make a birthday special. Fetch a birthday cake from the nearby bakeries (for example Adarsh Bakery is one) or just go to Café Coffee Day[1] (abbreviated as CCD). You will find chocolate and black forest variants in CCD but the only handicap is that they aren't egg-less (which is a concern for the pure-vegetarians).

Look for a perfect celebration spot in the campus. The famous birthday locations are IME, Open Air Theatre, Outreach Auditorium, Academic Area etc. Though the SIS Guard may give you some piece of mind if found at the IME building amidst all the hullabaloo surrounding the birthday. In such cases a gentle request usually works. One thing peculiar about the birthdays in the campus is that there is no culture for giving a gift, particularly among the guys.

The real nightmare is for the birthday boy/girl. Not only he/she is subjected to the impulse applied, but also the inevitable liquidity crunch is enough to send him into a frugal lifestyle. I would advise the host to be smart and feed the people with aloo-tikki before making the pilgrimage to hukka (rather than Landmark). The spirit associated with the birthday celebrations is simply unmatched and the celebrations are one of their kind and are simply unparalleled when compared to birthday celebrations outside the campus.

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