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The Astronomy Club is part of the Science and Technology Council, IIT Kanpur. Here, we attempt to bring about an interest and awareness in the field of Astronomy and Space Research.

All along the we have been promoting amateur astronomy through talks, competitions and shows. Astronomy is fun, but it can be even more fun when you do it with other people. So here we are for you to be amazed along with you.



The Astronomy Club is one of the oldest clubs of the institute. It was formed in the 1975 by a group of young enthusiasts who had a thing for cosmos. Since then Astronomy club has come far and now aims at keeping the fire alive



Coordinators: The club is headed by 2-4 Coordinators, usually Junior Undergraduate students. The coordinators serve a tenure of 1 year and are responsible for the conduction of all the activities as well as managing the finances.

Secretaries: 10-12 Secretaries work with the Coordinators to ensure smooth conduction of all the activities. They are responsible for the publicity of the events. Usually the secretaries are Undergraduate Sophomores.

Joining The Club

There is no formal procedure for enrolling into the club and neither are there any prerequisites other than enthusiasm. Lectures, workshops are conducted throughout the year to increase the number of members who do it in the dark. Anyone interested may attend these lectures/workshops and start enjoying the magic of the Heaven's Above.

Astronomy Observation Sessions

We hold Observation sessions regularly. In these sessions, telescope will be used for observing Moon, nebulae, planets like Saturn etc. However, naked eye observations and using binoculars also plays an important role in astronomy. Informal session involving small quizzes and general discussions.


Planetarium Shows

We are proud to have our own in-house planetarium built entirely by students. The planetarium was inaugurated on Jan 29th, 2012, and still stands to marvel the dedication of the students who built it. Today we host various planetarium shows, some of which are made by the students themselves.



To the uninitiated, nothing could be more logical than a focal photography: if you look through a telescope's eyepiece, why wouldn't you point a camera into it? The club has its own SLR camera which is used for various photo-metrical projects.

Astro-Venus Transit.jpg

The Observatory for Astronomical Research (OAAR)

Astronomy Club, ITK, has built its own observatory for astronomical research. It hosts a mammoth 14 inch Celestron EdgeHD, which brings the Heavens down to earth. The observatory was inaugurated in summers'14. It is currently open for observations.


Summer Camp

The Astronomy Club provides first-year students with the opportunity to stay back during the summers and take up projects under the club. Students are assured guidance from the Co-ordinators and the Secretaries of the club. They are given a stay permission from the SnT Council. Students can work in teams and are supposed to finish their project in a span of about 40 days. Everybody who manages to complete their summer project is awarded a certificate from the club. Mostly,it is made compulsory for the secretaries of the club to pursue an Astronomy Club project in the summers.

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