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Lifting of some weight according to your own strength and increase the strength is known as weightlifing(powerlifting). It is a sport based on the lifting of a series of progressively heavier metal weights, which are generally encased in rubber. Almost everyone lifts some weight in day-to-day life.



IIT Kanpur provides national level facilities for weightlifting enthusiasts with three wooden platform for daily practice in Old Sports Complex. There is also one big gym in Old Sports Complex which is well-equiped with all kind of machines and platforms, dumbbells, weights, rods etc. There is also another small gym in NEW SAC which is good for light workout or cardio type workout specially for females students. Everyone can join them with some registration process which can be done throughout the year. There is some registration fee according to your plan which changes time to time. Generally, gyms and weightlifting are open from 5 am to 9 am and 5 pm to 9 pm. Weekdays and Holidays are off.


Weightlifting includes powerlifting, weight-training, and Olympic-type weightlifting. Powerlifting includes Squad, Bench Press, Dead-lift. Olympic-type weightlifting is comprise of Snatch and Clean & Jerk. The person with maximum combined total weight is winner. If total lifting weight is same, then the person with minimum body weight is winner. There are different weight categories for participants---

  • less than 56kg
  • 56 kg to 62 kg
  • 62 kg to 67 kg
  • 67kg to 72 kg
  • 72 kg to 77 kg
  • greater than 77 kg


Every year 15-20 male students of first year are chosen for the CPA (Compulsory Physical Activities) through some trials. They generally have to give 4 hours in a week to pass their CPA. If they fail, they have to do their CPA again in next semester or year.

Institute Team

Every year 2-3 players are selected for the team which represents our institute in INTER-IIT competition, holds every year in different IITs for general championship between all IITs. Currently, the weightlifting's coach is Mr. Kuldeep Sharma. Currently weightlifting's captain is Prakash Tiwari.

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