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In view of the student's inadequate academic performance during the last semester he may be warned by the Academic Senate. Unless his academic performance improved substantially, his continuence in the current academic programme may be jeopardized.


A warning letter is sent to parent/gaurdian requesting them to kindly pay special attention to their ward's academic performance and general well-being during the coming semesters. It has an enclosed Undertaking Form which must be signed by parent as well as student and supposed to be returned in the DOAA office. However, a mail is also sent to the student to get informed about warning.


A student is placed under warning if any of the following conditions apply:

SC ≥ 30 and (24+N)*N <= TC < 36*N
SC < 30 and TC >= 36*N

where SC = Semester Credits, TC = Total Credits, N = No. of regular semesters a student was registered in.
Note: The above criteria is for Y13 B.Tech/BS and onward batches.


When a student gets warning, his pre-registration gets cancelled and has to register manually.

He/she is not allowed to hold any office in the Hall of Residence, Students Gymkhana or any other organization/body.

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