Wall Climbing

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Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is a popular form of rock climbing performed on artificial structures that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock. IIT Kanpur has a state-of-art artificial climbing wall located in the New Sac near the new sports complex. It is The wall has 3 sections, the easy and medium which are 2 meters each and hard which are 2.85 meters. Overall the wall is 11.4 meters high and 6.85 meters wide. The artificial wall has detachable holds which are used by the instructor to set the route to the top. The main Anyone who has the zest to try out new and adventurous things on the campus would have tried wall climbing at least once. The sport is performed under the guidance of an instructor or a trained person because it is considered as "dangerous" by some. Main activities featured are speed climbing, lead climbing, bouldering, and rappelling mostly by the students of the CPA (Compulsory Physical Activity ) or the members of the Adventure Club . The adventure club organizes some activities and training camps distributed during the duration of the semester or during summers. Wall climbing is not performed in Inter-IIT sports meet because of the absence of climbing the wall in other IITs. Still, it is a bit popular locally in the college and is a part of inter-hostel sports competition namely Inferno and also in JOSH. It was also an attraction in the college sports festival Udghosh, 2014 in which teams from all over India participated.


The adventure club has all the equipment ranging from shoes, harness ropes, hooks and belaying device, and other safety equipment needed. Though these are available only during the training sessions or in the presence of the instructor.

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