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Vivekanand Samiti is one of the oldest club functioning under Student's Gymkhana IIT Kanpur.The club is spreading the message of vivekananda about living the stress free and target oriented life in modern highly competitive world. Vivekananda Samiti is playing a significant role in motivating and inspiring the youth to perform their duties informed by human values.



The club is working since 40 years with a motto of changing youth life. The club is part of campus since their were no organized Student's Gymkhana, Then later it was included in Cultural council and currently(since 2010) under Presidential Council under Student's Gymkhana. The Club has a great history and alumni contacts.


Vivekananda's quotes which are so motivational and still relevant for the youth of 21st century.His ideas about religion, humanity and the life was hundreds year ahead of his era. A link shared by facebook page of club ""


The club conducts several activities which is helpful for campus community and simultaneously also helps the outside community through it's social services, seminars and workshops. Few of the activities are listed below-

Vivekananda Youth Leadership Convention

Workshops and seminars focused on self and social awareness and youth empowerment

Community service activities like health camps and collection drives

Weekly discussion sessions

Weekly Guided Meditation session and many more.

Modes of Financial Contribution

The club has been allocated a budget under Student's Gymkhana.

The club also generates funding through alumni and other donations.

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