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Veggies, IIT Kanpur

Veggies is one of the popular food stalls in IIT Kanpur. It is located in Food Court, New SAC (OAT, IIT Kanpur). It is frequented by many campus residents, especially students.



VEGGIES as name suggests is a pure vegetarian stall where you can get variety of parathas ranging from Traditional Indian Parathas like Aloo paratha, paneer paratha to Spicy continental parathas like Mexican cheese paratha, Spanish cheese paratha, Italian cheese paratha etc and pasta.Generally Indian parathas are ranging from 40 to 70 rupees and Continental parathas are ranging from 100 to 170. It takes around 30 minutes to your order ready but it is worth the wait. It is a good place to have a birthday party or hangout with friends and there are other shops like Kathi, Crown Burgers and Wazwan foods where you can enjoy.


It is self-servicing, they will call us when our order is ready. They try their best to deliver our order quickly during peak days like weekends, festival days, fests, events etc.

You can order your Parathas all seven days of the week.

Timings: 7 PM (Evening) to 4 AM (Early morning)

Timings for home delivery: 7 PM (Evening) to 3:30 AM (Early morning)

Phone Number: +917499084583

Veggies menu

Veggies Menu., IIT Kanpur

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