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IIT Kanpur follows the Academic Credit System to assess the students' academic growth. Each student is required to earn a minimum number of credits over the duration of their stay to complete their program. Also the students are required to get a minimum number of credits in each category of courses such as compulsory, HSS(Humanities and Social Sciences), ESO/SO, DE(Departmental Elective) and OE(Open Elective)

Credits of a Course:

The credits of a course are calculaed according to the number of 'contact hours' per week. The actual scheme is as follows -

1. 3 credits added for each hour of 'lecture' in a week. 2. 2 credits added for each hour of 'tutorial' in a week. 3. 1 credits added for each hour of 'practicals'(labs) in a week.

Total Credits = 3*L + 2*T + 1*P

Courses Category:

Institute Core Courses:

These are the courses that are compulsory for students of all departments. The credits of these courses total up to 124. These courses are completed by the students in the first four semesters. The Institute Core Courses are listed below:

Sl. No. Course No. Course Name Credits
1 CHM101A Chemistry Laboratory 03
2 CHM102A General Chemistry 08
3 ESC101A Fundamentals of Computing 14
4 ESC201A Introduction to Electronics 14
5 MTH101A Mathematics - I 11
6 MTH102A Mathematics - II 11
7 PHY101A Physics Laboratory 03
8 PHY102A Physics - I 11
9 PHY103A Physics - II 11
10 LIF101A Introduction to Biology 06
11 TA101A Engineering Graphics 06
12 TA201A Manufacturing Processes - I 06
13 TA202A Manufacturing Processes - II 06
14 PE101A Morning Exercise 03
15 PE102A Evening Exercise 06
16 COM300A Communication Skills: Composition 05

Departmental Compulsory:

These are the courses specified by each department to its students. The total credits of these courses vary from department to department.

Departmental Elective(DE):

Departmental Electives are certain courses from ones own department that the student from choose from to complete the required credits. The total credits vary from 27 up to 40 depending on the department. For some departments, there are restrictions that a certain minimum number of DE credits are chosen from a basket of courses.

Open Elective(OE): With the concept of Open Elective a student can introduce new subjects from other streams or subjects from the same stream but which were not initially available into the main stream curriculum, after approving it from the University. Students can choose courses from other streams in this category.

ESO/SO : This is a category of courses containing 8 to 10 courses which are ususlly fixed. Every student is required to obtain atleast 40 credits from these courses.

HSS(Humanities and Social Sciences) Courses: Each student is required to complete 5 courses in HSS. There are two levels in HSS - HSS-I and HSS-II. A student needs 22 credits from level I and 27 from level II.

Though slots for each course is provided in the course template for every department, the students have the freedom to take a course even when there is no slot available in a semester. It is the students' responsibility in the end to make sure they have the required number of credits in each category.

The entire UG course template can be found here.

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