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The roads of IIT Kanpur have a lot of traffic, be it the students, faculty and staff moving around campus or people who often travel between Nankari and the Main Gate. They play a vital role in allowing people to travel from one location to the other.



There are a lot of roads throughout campus. They allow students to travel accross campus using bicycles. Each important road has a cycle lane to the left which guides people on cycles to use them. There are speed breakers on the important roads in order to prevent overspeeding. Although they are damaged in some places like in front of Hall 3, overall the roads are pretty good.

Important Roads on Campus

The busiest route would be the one from the IIT Kanpur Main Gate to Nankari. A lot of people travel on this route throughout the day. Travellers take the Main Door Road goes from the Main Gate to Hall of Residence 2, following which they take the Sixth Avenue to Nankari. There is a lot of traffic on these roads from about 8 am to 10 pm. The route between Hall of Residence 3 and the Academic Area Gate 3 is also very busy at the time of start of class - 8 am, 10 am or 2 pm and during start of lunch as well around 1 pm.


Many students travel around the campus using bicycles (they are not allowed to use motorised vehicles). The faculty and non-teaching staff travel via motorbikes, cars and bicycles, according to their convenience.


The SIS guards are instrumental in ensuring safety of people travelling. They regulate traffic at key points like crossroads. They pull people over in case of rash driving and maintain safety on the roads in the campus.

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