Things to do in Summer Vacations after First year

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While a good portion of the first year students go back home after their second semester for the summer vacations, a lot of first-year students also prefer to stay back at the campus in the Summer Vacations. There are a list of activities the first year students can do in campus if they plan to spend their summer vacations in the campus.

Sports Summer Camp

The sports summer camp provides an excellent opportunity to the first year students to improve and harness their skills in their respective sports of interest. The trials for the summer camp usually starts from the first week of April. The good part of attending the summer camp is that a student can give a lot more time to his/her interested sport during the summer camp as their is not much load of work in summers. Moreover, all the students attending the camp are accomodated together in a single hostel.

SnT Club Projects

The Science & Technology Council also offers a lot of summer projects in various clubs viz. Robotics Club, Programming Club, Electronics Club, Aeromodelling Club etc. for the first year students. So prior to the start of the summer vacations, the SnT Council conducts introductory workshops for the summer projects under various clubs. The students doing project under SnT council get permissions for staying in the campus durinf the summer break through the SnT Council itself. The projects done by the first year students during this summer break are then displayed in the SnT Expo at the time of Orientation for the new Incoming batches.

Cultural Council

The Cultural Council conducts] workshops, trainig sessions under the clubs viz. Photography Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Fine Arts Club, Dramatics Club etc. in summer breaks for all the interested students and for the students who could not take part in the council's events at the time of semester due to their academic workload.

Summer Semester

A lot of students also take up courses during summers to cover up their credits in advance for the coming semesters. This strategy of taking up courses in summers is followed by a lot of people due to a numerous advantages of doing courses in advance for the upcoming semesters. However, these students then get a very little amount of time-span for going back to their homes during summer vacations.

Convocatian Preparations

A lot of first year students also volunteer to help in organizing and conducting the Convocation ceremony for the graduating batch of that year.

While a lot more activities take place at campus during the summer breaks, not everyone gets a permission to stay in campus during summers. A student must be enrolled with some kind of productive activity to get the permission from higher authorities to stay at campus in summers. Apart from all these, students get plenty amount of free time to have fun or to just chill while doing all the above mentioned activities.

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