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The fountain in front of P.K. Kelkar Library has been a defining image of IIT-Kanpur. Its picture has become some sort of a symbol for this college, being used everywhere- from official websites to brochures and newspapers.


The fountain was constructed in 1963. It constituted an integral part of the Air-Conditioning system of the P.K. Kelkar Library. The actual Air-Conditioning system involved two cycles-One involving the refrigerant and the other involving water.The fountain did the job of the condenser in the refrigeration cycle routing water. The water gushing out of the nozzles increased it’s surface area reducing the temperature of the same by 5–7 degrees.

What went wrong? The Myths and Facts

Since the year 2012, this fountain has been a source of disappointment for incoming batch students who hope to see the iconic fountain in front of one of the best libraries in the country as it had to be discontinued 5 years back and has been dysfunctional ever since.'

According to trusted sources,the Air-conditioning system was upgraded and the fountain was shut down.

There have been hilarious theories regarding this issue.Some of which include lack of funds for IITK and that it’s shutdown symbolized the end of US-India collaboration which in fact had ended in 1972 itself.


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