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Tennis is a sport enjoyed by one and all. IIT Kanpur leaves everyone pleased as it offers excellent tennis facilities in addition to many other sports. The tennis complex is centrally located opposite to HALL 1.

Tennis Courts



Tennis is a very popular game here with the professors and students all taking an equal liking to it. In the evening you can find some players working out with rigor as well as the casual players bubbling with energy. IIT Kanpur also has an Institute team which has brought many laurels to the Institute by winning tournaments all over India. Students learn a lot about perseverance, focus, aiming and timing.


The tennis complex houses six synthetic courts with floodlights so that you can play till you drop. For beginners there is also a practice wall near Old Sports Complex.


The courts are open from morning 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all the days.



Coaching is offered under the guidance of coach Raj Kumar Parihar, all round the year. He has been a part of the campus coaching faculty for over ten years now.


Racquets and non-marking shoes are available on a first come first served basis for all residents of the campus on submission of their Institute Id's.


The first year students can choose Tennis as a part of the Compulsory Physical Activities (CPA). During the CPA, students do regular exercise, mock drills and later practice on the courts. Students can further continue as a team member, which comprises of rigrous training and participation. Team also plays in various competitions like Inter-IIT Sports Meet, Udghosh etc.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Every year many enthusiastic students participate in the summer camp which takes place in the month of May and June. This gives them a chance to take there game to a whole new level through rigorous training. The summer camp comprises of three sessions: morning, afternoon and an evening session. The morning session focuses on building the player's stamina, endurance and flexibility through jogging, running, weight-training and various other physical exercises. This takes place in the Physical Education ground where all teams gather at 6 a.m. in the morning for their physical conditioning which goes on for about two hours. The afternoon session begins at 10 a.m. where the students meet at the tennis courts and concentrate on building their skill set. The most important function of this session is to make them accustomed to playing in extreme heat which is the usual weather condition during tournaments. The evening session is where the students get to focus more on improving their game. They receive various drills from the coach and play matches among themselves. The camp goes on for 40 days and students return to their homes with more fitness and proficiency in the sport.


Games and Sports Council, IIT Kanpur

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