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Telugu Samskritika Samiti(TSS) ('Telugu Cultural Association') came up with an objective to promote and preserve the Telugu culture among the Telugu Speaking People and is a popular association in IIT KANPUR. Its origin is not clear.

About TSS

Membership in this Organization is open to all people who speak the Telugu Language and who appreciate Telugu cultural heritage. To get a membership, students are expected to fund Rs.350/- and Rs.450/- for M.Tech students, and the money collected is used for the conduction of Telugu festivals. Gatherings happen mostly at the Community Centre, IIT KANPUR.


Current TSS SCHEDULE (2016-17)

The three main festivals celebrated by TSS are Ugadi(Telugu New Year), Vinayaka Chavithi(Ganesh Chaturthi) and Sankranthi. All the TSS Members' gather for these rituals at the Community Centre.

E-mails are sent to its members, regarding the new Telugu movie releases. Whenever a sufficient number of people are interested in watching the movie, TSS organises a special screening in Z-square.

Cricket Tournaments are conducted among its members in the extended Weekends. Recently, from 19th-21st,August a tournament was held.


TSS is maintained by M.Tech students. Some students act as volunteers and help the team to conduct events and competitions.A facebook group is also maintained in the name of "IITK TELUGU GROUP"(

TSS Presidents'
President Year
Hazarath Pappuri, M.Tech 2015-16
Tarun Badabagni, M.Tech 2016-17
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