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Table Tennis Room New SAC, IIT Kanpur

TT also known as table tennis is the fastest ball game and a sport which is played extensively in the IIT-K campus with players ranging from campus kids, IIT Kanpur students to professors. It is a sport of tremendous reflexes and is the fascination of almost everyone here. IIT Kanpur provides outstanding facilities as well as opportunities to learn and relish the sport. Following the inclusion of the sport in Olympics in 1988, it was soon made part of the Inter-IIT Sports Meets. Since then, with the increase in availability of the sport's equipments, the sport is played with great enthusiasm across all IITs.



The New SAC has a big wooden floored TT room with 7 tables. Additionally, there is an automatic ball releasing robot for perfecting your techniques and skills. The robot releases the balls with varying speeds, provides different directions of spin to the balls to help you master the game. IIT Kanpur boasts of being the only IIT with such facilities. In addition to providing excellent facilities to the Institute Table-Tennis Team, the court remains open for all who wish enjoy the sport from morning 6:00 A.M. to 9 P.M. in the night. Everything, from non-marking shoes, rackets to Table Tennis balls are available for issue against the Institute ID card. All the table tennis competitions or tournaments held during inter-college or intra-college sports events are organised in this court. In addition to the main TT room in the New SAC, each Hall of Residence at IITK has a separate room for Table Tennis with one or more good quality tables installed for easy access and availability of the game at the very doorstep.


Coach: Mr. Ashutosh Singh, who puts in his best efforts to train enthusiasts into becoming masters of the game. He has been coaching the students and mentoring the Institute Table Tennis Team for the past 6 years. He has a Sports Coaching degree from NIS Patiala, one of the top sports colleges in India.

Timings: Available in the weekdays from 5:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. in the New SAC.


Table tennis bats, balls and non-marking shoes are issued on first-come,first-served basis on producing i-cards at the desk in the New Sports Complex. For playing in Halls of Residence, one can get the equipments issued from the sports secretary of the respective hall.

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The first year students can choose table tennis as a part of the Compulsory Physical Activity (CPA), given they pass the prior trials conducted by the coach. The CPA of table tennis is held in the table tennis court of the New SAC. During the CPA, students do regular exercise, mock drills, shadow-practice and later play on the tables. It is a great opportunity for those who wish to learn the sport from scratch. Good players are hand picked by the coach and are given the opportunity to be a part of the Institute Table Tennis team. This serves as an incentive for everyone participating in CPA to improve upon their skills and practice harder.

Summer Camp

For all the table tennis enthusiasts, Games and Sports Council organizes Summer Sports Camp for various sports including table tennis. The camp usually lasts 40 days starting in the first week of May and concludes by the 3rd week of June. In this summer camp, participants undergo rigorous physical training and conditioning (under guidance of coach) including game specific drills and multi-ball training to improve their performance in terms of speed and power. Additionally, there is swimming slot and a gym slot every week so that the players can develop muscles for the rigorous practice. The camp serves the table tennis lovers with an excellent opportunity to learn and gain expertise in several skills and techniques. It is an integral part of the team building process as the students who attend the summer camp later go on to join the team and become institute representatives in various sports events. The camp is accompanied by various fun activities and team-excursions that the students organize by themselves. The summer heat sometimes makes the physical activities unbearable, apart from which the camp is a wonderful experience for all students who attend it.


Institute Table-Tennis Team

Current Captain Boys: Aman Alok,
Vice - Captain Boys: Abhimanyu Yadav,
Members: Nikhil Sharma, Mehul Singh, Aditya Jain, Aditya Gangwal, Samyak Jain

Current Captain Girls: Vibhuti Mahajan,


Udghosh Achievements

Udghosh is an intercollegiate sports festival organised by IIT Kanpur wherein colleges from all over the country participate to exhibit and hone their skills in the arena. Udghosh offers a platform for various sports events, table tennis being an essential part of it. At Udghosh 2014, in the Men's event IIT-Kanpur's team A bagged 2nd position and in the women's event IIT-Kanpur's team A and team B bagged the 1st and 2nd position respectively. Going back to 2012, both the men's and women's team bagged 1st position. Udghosh serves as a warmup for the Institute Table Tennis team for the upcoming Inter IITs which are normally 2 months after Udghosh.

Inter-IIT Achievements

The Inter-IIT sports meet is the most prestigious sports tournament across all IITs. The ultimate goal of every sports team is to bag a Gold Medal in the Inter-IITs. The Table Tennis team is no different and every practice session is held keeping the Inter-IIT in mind. In the year 2012, the Institute Table Tennis Team won a Silver medal.


Games and Sports Council, IIT Kanpur

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