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An aerial view of IITK swimming pool (source: IITK)

IIT Kanpur boasts of an Olympic-size 8-lane Swimming pool. The 50 meter long and 20 meters wide pool is located in the southern part of the campus. Swimming Pool is an Institute Community Facility. You can take a tour of it and its surrounding areas on Google Map Street-View. It is very well-maintained and has all the good quality standard amneties and equipments. All the safety measures and cleaning, water-purification guidelines are followed strictly.


  • Any one can become member of the swimming pool and can issue a monthly, quarterly or seasonal pass. Different class of people are charged differently :
    • Bonafide students of the Institute pay the least fee.
    • IIT Kanpur employees/retired employees and their dependent wards pay more than students.
    • Employees of campus organizations (Post Office, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Police Outpost, etc.) officially allowed to stay on campus and their dependent wards pay same as above.
    • Alumni and their families are also given some rebate.
    • Anyone other than the above mentioned are treated as outsider and are entitled to become member of swimming pool but required to pay a heavy membership fees.


The timings for visiting the pool has been divided into a total of 8 slots. There are 3 slots in the morning hours and 5 slots in the evening hours. First 7 of these slots are of 45 minutes each, while the last slot, which is meant for the practice of the institute aquatics team, is of 1 hr 20 mins. Those eligble do have a few different types of subscription options. He/she can either take a monthly or seasonal subscription of any one particular slot. Also there is an option to subscribe for a 15 number of slots, which subscriber can use all throughout the season, during any slot-time, but at double the normal rate.


The pool is operating under the Physical Education Section through a Management Committee appointed by the Director. The expenses incurred in day to day maintenance and running of the swimming pool is supposed to be the met out of the income generated through membership fees. Some subsidy is also provided from the institute budget.

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