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The Summer Undergraduate Research and Graduate Excellence (SURGE) program, as the name suggests, aims to promote scientific research at the graduate and undergraduate level, provide invaluable research experience and bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. Students get the opportunity to conduct research in a chosen field, under the supervision of a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) or some partner institution.



The SURGE program is open to students from all colleges across India who meet the following criteria:

  • B.Tech/BE/B-Arch/BS (3rd year completed),
  • Five year degree program (3rd year completed, 4th year)
  • B.S/ B.A. (2nd year completed)

For students studying at IITK, the eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • B.Tech/BS (2nd, 3rd year),
  • Dual Degree (2nd, 3rd, 4th year),
  • M.Sc. 2-Year (1st year)

A limited number of students from the SAARC nations of Bhutan and Nepal are also accepted to the program.


An online application form needs to be filled out to apply for the program. The applicant needs to get in touch with a professor, who is willing to guide him/her during the course of the research project. Two recommendation letters also need to be submitted. The application form and other details can be found here.


Currently 300 students are accepted to the program. Out of these 60 applicants are provided funding from SURGE. The rest 240 may be funded by an institute project or be part of the IITK-industry tie-up or be self-funded. Students funded by SURGE are provided accommodation and given a stipend for the two month period over which they work on their project.


A list of past projects and complete information about previous years programs can be found in the SURGE annual report


Some (typically 2 to 3) students also get the opprtunity to go to an overseas partner university to conduct research through the SURGE overseas program. This program is open to students of IITK only.


For any clarifications regarding the program, visit the Office of International Relations(OIR) in the Old SAC.
Queries can also be directed through emails to

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