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Like all other premier institutions, IIT Kanpur also offers a Summer semester or Summer term, which is held with the intention of helping students having backlogs. Those students who are planning for a dual-degree or double major can also get the benefit of finishing courses earlier . It generally commences from the 2nd week of May and lasts till the 2nd or 3rd week of July. Grades of summer semester are displayed with following semester’s grades. .


Registration For Summer

Pre-registration for summer generally held 2-4 days before the starting of the classes. Final Course list is circulated by the Dean, Academics Affairs office around 10 days before the starting of the season. A tentative list is also circulated on webmail prior the end-semester examination so that students can plan accordingly. Pre-registration is followed by registration where an individual pays the concerned fees according to the number of course taken. However there are some standard charges like Mess Establishment Charges (MEC) which everybody has to pay. Those students who have not Pre-registered can also register for summer semester given that they get the permission of the respective faculty member teaching the course. In case of any problem during registration, students can approach concerned associates in UG office.

General Rules

Courses offered in summer generally have limited seats so there are some priorities are formed by institute. Students with backlogs are generally given priority in that course.

  • UG student of Y11 or later batches can register a maximum of 23 credits.
  • UG student of Y10 and M.Sc. 2 year is allowed to register for a maximum 10 credits.
  • Courses venues and Time-Table can be seen on OARS.
  • If the number of students opting for a particular course exceeds the maximum limit, then that course is dropped during the registration i.e no more students would be allowed to opt for that course.
  • If the number of students opting for a particular course is less than the minimum limit, then that course may be dropped by the respective faculty member.

Benefits Of Summer Registration

  • It reduces the academic workload.
  • It provides an opportunity to complete degree of the students those get a fail grade in last semester.
  • If a student doesn’t get an OE/DE of his choice because of limited seats or time table clashes can do a course in summer.

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