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Summer Opportunities for first year IITK Junta


IIT Kanpur is one of the most reputed technical institutes in India.It gives ample opportunities to the students to shape their future in the way they desire. Since most people undergo the same curriculum during the semesters, the summers provides one with sufficient opportunities to explore one's interests( be it academic or non academic). This article will discuss some of the opportunities available during summers specifically for first year IITK Junta.

Institute Summer Projects

The institute has technical clubs which span every possible technical area. Some of the major clubs involve Programming Club, Robotics Club, Aeromodelling Club,Descon, etc.Every club offers summer projects for students spread over a span of 40 days. Students are allowed to pursue any project during this time. The clubs have produced some excellent projects like Pipe Climbing Robot, Open Source Presentation Editor, Programming Club website, Rubik's cube solving Robot , Online Programming Judge, etc. during a short span of just 40 days.
Application Process : Clubs call for projects in the end of the winter semester, students are expected to form a team and submit their ideas to the respective clubs. The club members then review the idea and suggest modifications and improvements to it. Finally the club releases the list of teams which have been selected for doing projects mentored by them and accordingly assign mentors to help the students during the summers.

Sports Summer Camp

Students may choose to be a part of Sports Summer Camp and pursue their favourite sport and excel in it.This also provides one with an opportunity to represent the institute in the Inter IIT Sports Meet held every year.The Sports Camp spans over a period of 45 days during the summers.
Application Process : The selection process for the summer camp is mainly based on your expertise in your sport. Regularly practicing during the semester might boost your chances.

Cultural Club Workshops

Apart from the technical clubs ,the institute supports a large number of cultural clubs as Dance Club,Dramatics Club, etc. Summers provide an opportunity to pursue our passion in any non-technical field as well. Dramatics Club hold workshops for stage as well as street plays during summers.Dance Club invites trained professionals to help students learn different dance forms as classical , hip-hop etc.These workshops provide the platform to participate in cultural fests as Antaragni, MoodIndigo, etc.

Company Based Internships

Apart from the campus opportunities, students also have a chance to do company based internships. People having prior knowledge in the field of web development can get an intern in some of the Bengaluru or campus based startups. One may also go for company internships such as Tata Motors , Bosch etc. Though such internships either do not offer any stipend or may require recommendation from company professionals.

Research Projects

Pursuing a research project under some professor at IIT Kanpur or institutes as TIFR, ISI etc. is an equally good option to spend the summers. However, most of them require some prior work to be done during the semesters ,like contacting the professors and discuss one's research problem. Research projects are generally available through programs of some indian institutes, research labs (Xerox Research, IBM Research, etc) and foreign universities. All of them being a great way to spend summers and learn more about the art of research.
Application Process : Many Indian universities have dedicated programs for hiring interns and the application process for the same starts at the start of the winter semester. Your background in the related areas and your interest in the research field are key to getting noticed in such processes. The background might include topics covered in the semester courses, research papers on that subject as well as actual lab experience. The same holds true for foreign universities which also start accepting applications from the later months of the year. There are a lot of reputed research labs spanning a diverse set of research areas and generally, people find something closely related to their studies and work. However, this procedure can typically take a long time to yield results and finalize into an actual internship. Hence, ideally, one should start exploring early so that time is left to take care of all the formalities.


Some students also choose to spend their summers differently and stay back and work upon their specific interests say practise algorithms and solving problems on Spoj,etc.

Apart from the usual curriculum, summers are the best option for one to realise one's potential and knowing one's interest. This is specifically helpful to stay focussed and explore one's interest in the upcoming years of stay in the campus.Summers is the most fruitful time for one to pursue what one wishes to do rather than being driven in herds and studying hard just to get good grades in the exams.One must therefore utilise this oppotunity and make the best out of it.

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