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Students' Placement Office(SPO) of IIT Kanpur, is the student run organization which takes responsibility of all the work related to campus placement of graduating batch and internship placement of pre-final year batch. SPO have over 300 clients worldwide who have been recruiting from IIT Kanpur regularly. They also provide promotional services to companies through workshops and interaction sessions and lectures by experts.

SPO every year contact companies and invites them to hire students. They declare of Job openings and make arrangement for test, Pre-Placement talks and interviews. SPO team helps both the recruiters and students as much as possible. They provide hospitality to recruiters and are determined to maintain long term relationship with recruiters.

SPO helps students in preparation of placement by coducting career awareness lectures, providing study material to them, conducting resume making workshop, conducting mock group discussion and mock interviews and providing student guide documnent which contains each company's recruitment process and experiences of alumnies who got placed through SPO. It also creates placement automation system and internship automation system for proper functioning of recruitment process

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