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Students' Senate is the legislative body of the Students' Gymkhana. It has elected representatives of all batches and programs of the campus with representation ratio of about 1:150. All the meetings of senate are held in the Senate hall, New SAC and chaired by the elected chairperson.

Before every meeting, there is a call for agenda where senators submit their requests. Once approved by the chairperson, they are tabled in senate with supportive documents. A senate meeting is open to all the students however expected attendees are senators, General secretaries of all councils, President and some special invitees related to specific agendas. A meeting is generally 4-7 hours long.Some agendas are discussed and concluded however most of them are passed to standing subcommittees or new ad-hoc committees are created for that agenda.

Senate observes that all activities of Students' Gymkhana are in accordance with the constitution maintained by the senate. So, any student activity organizers have to submit its pre-conduction and post-conduction report. Any position given to a student has to be ratified in the senate.

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