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A Student Guide(SG) is assigned to every first year under-graduate student. A SG is a second year student at IITK and a member of the Counselling Service, IIT Kanpur. SG is an indispensable part of any undergraduate student's life at IIT Kanpur as he/she is the first person who guides a student coming to IITK after selection from the entrance exams. Here at iitk, a student's SG is referred to as "baap"/"amma"(baap means father while amma means mother). The term "baap"/"amma" for the SG symbolizes the relationship a SG shares with his counsellees. The SG has the responsibilities to take care of them and thus in the IITK realm, acts as a parental figure. The group of SG's are also the workforce of the Orientation Program for the new students.



Every SG is selected after a series of interviews by senior members of the counselling service and professors of the institute. For more visit the page on SG Selection.


A Student Guide's job mainly involves work in the Orientation Program and Guiding his counsellees.

Organising Orientation Program

The Orientation Program is held for the incoming batch in their first week to introduce them to the various facilities, student bodies,hobby groups, services, personnel, rules and regulations of the campus. The group of around 110 Student Guides and the Coordinators of the Counselling Service together are responsible for conducting the program. A Student Guide's work involves interacting with the parents and students when they arrive at the campus for admissions and ensuring that they are carrying all the requisite documents. The group of Student Guides also have to conduct all the various Workhops and sessions during the orientation program. They ensure that the students reach to various venues for their respective purposes during the orientation.

Guiding Counsellees

This is perhaps the most important work of the Student Guide. A Student Guide is assigned a group of (generally 6 students) to look after. He plays a big role in bringing them to comfort and helping them settle at the campus and is basically the help-centre for campus issues to his counsellees. He has to help them in their registration process by guiding through the various application forms. Also, throughout the first year he performs the work of counselling his counsellees in case they face any mental or academic worries.

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