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The Students' Lounge has come up, and has been made functional on Monday, August 07, 2017. The project was possible with the contributions from 1989 batch. It is located in the ground floor of LHC (below L-7 and LHC office with entry from the portion below L-1 and L-2). The lounge can be used by students for studying and spending time in between lectures. Students will no longer need to go back to their hostels for just 1 hour between the awesome lectures !. The lounge has a hall with sitting place for about 40-50 students. The sofas and chairs are extremely comfortable for studying. The most fascinating point about the lounge is that pin drop silence is maintained by the students at all times which makes it the best place to study in IITK This lounge also has two discussion rooms for discussion with instructors after the lectures. This has been yet another great addition to the already existing infrastructure at IITK. All these benefits are guaranteed only if the students follow the rules and guidelines made for smooth operation of the lounge. Some of these are listed below:

Rules And Guidelines

1. The Lounge will be available to the students from 0800 hrs to 2100 hrs from Monday to Saturday as a common place of study/rest in between the lectures. It will remain closed on Sundays and gazetted holidays.

2. The lounge will remain open round the clock during the period of Examinations.

3. The discussion rooms in the lounge will be available for discussions with the Instructors only. Key of the discussion room can be obtained from the on duty LHC staff.

4. The Lounge will be a “Silent Zone”

5. Food and drinks will not be allowed inside the students’ lounge. However, there will be an area earmarked for pantry (to be made operational in due course).

6. The Lounge will not be available for booking.

Any suggestions towards the improvement of the lounge are highly encouraged and can be made in the suggestion register available at the LHC office

Rules and Guidelines by DOAA
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