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IIT Kanpur: A sportsperson's paradise!

IIT Kanpur, one of India's premier educational institutions has much more to it than just the brightest minds of the country and cutting edge research facilities. It is a sportsperson's paradise in it's true sense. Offering a plethora of sporting activities it ensures that students develop a versatile personality. IIT Kanpur has always had a great sports culture where sporting activities are pursued passionately and a lot of hard work and effort goes in practicing for the same. The facilities available for each sport are top notch and could make a sport's lover's eyes glow with excitement. Be it the superb indoor squash and badminton courts, the swimming pool, which is Olympic size, or the two Gyms available to all campus residents. Here is a complete List of Sports Facilities at IIT Kanpur. Some of the major ones are:


Swimming Pool

IIT Kanpur has a rich tradition of Aquatics, with the entire community participating in swimming activities. Boasting of a hugely successful team, IIT Kanpur houses an Olympic sized, 8 lane swimming pool, equipped with amenities are expected from a world class swimming pool. Other than swimming, it also provides students with an opportunity to play water polo, with professional floating goal posts and Olympic sized water polo balls. Several diving boards are placed at 3,5,7.5 and 10 meters, for people interested in the sport. One can visit [1] for more details.


The Cricket Field

A lush green cricket field and top of the class cricketing facilities makes cricket a widely pursued sport in the campus. The team regularly plays several matches against team from nearby colleges to hone it's skills.


The Football Field

A vast , official size football field looked upon by floodlights provides the students a perfect opportunity to try and explore this exciting sport.


Basketball Courts

Besides a court each in all the hostels the institute proudly houses 3 concrete and a wooden basketball court which regularly hosts several teams from nearby colleges is the pride of the campus and pleases everyone who gets a chance to glance across these beautiful courts. The concrete courts are also equipped with fantastic drainage facilities ensuring that play is not disrupted for long even if the sky chooses to open up.

Table Tennis

T.T. Courts

Each of the hostel is equipped with a TT table each.Besides the New Student Activity Center houses several wonderful wooden courts where the team regularly practices to enhance their skills.

Lawn Tennis

Tennis Courts

Six Floodlit court form the home to institute's Lawn Tennis team. The grandeur of the courts is a marvel for all to see. Regular practice session and a dedicated staff ensure proper functioning of these courts.


Athletics Track

Probably the most successful sports teams among all teams presently on campus.It has been on a winning streak and has conquered it all in the recent Inter IIT meets. Track events, Long Jump, High Jump, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Shot Put, Hammer Throw, Hurdles and a lot more events form a part of the athletics event. The institute in blessed with fantastic athletics facilities and a dedicated coaching staff.


Volleyball Court

The institute has 3 major volleyball courts along with a court each in all of the halls. Several college teams visit the campus for competitive and practice matches alike.


Squash Court

A game still catching on among the campus community , squash boasts of world class infrastructural facilities and is fast becoming fairly popular on campus.


Hockey Field

The delightful hockey field looked upon by the daunting floodlights are a treat for the eyes for the campus community

Besides these major sporting activities, the institute also offers students the chance to try their hands at several other sports too. Some of these are Wall Climbing, Weight Lifting, Skating, Shooting, Taekwondo besides several others. Along with all of the above, IIT Kanpur also has groups such as Adventure sports club, a Bicycling group and a Indoor Games and Sports Club which further promote a general passion for sports in the institute.


Sports as a way to obtain fitness in general are highly stressed on among the campus residents. The institute has made it mandatory for all first year students to participate Compulsory Physical Activity (CPA) where each students takes part in one sport or the other along with morning fitness sessions. IIT Kanpur also boasts two well equipped gyms, further promoting fitness in the campus. Even though a technical Institute the sporting facilities encourage students to regularly indulge in them as physical exercises and sports are best way for better health and best means for recreation.

Sports Festivals and Tournaments

The sports culture at IIT Kanpur is further complemented by the many sports festivals that teams from IIT Kanpur take part in. First and foremost is the Inter-IIT Sports Tournament, easily the most reputed tournament of the year. Every team on campus works towards the one goal, the one dream, the coveted trophy of General Championship (popularly know as the GC) awarded to the top performing IIT at the Inter IIT meet(the ultimate test of metal, the litmus test for all the teams). Hours of practice each day and months of training finally leading to the one finale. [2]. IIT Kanpur emerged the Overall champions and secured the GC at Inter-IIT 2013, repeated the feat in 2014, and crushed the events in the next edition, taking away 8 out of 13 golds in the home edition of 2016, with the 2015 edition not being hosted due to natural calamities. IIT Kanpur also hosts it own sports festival, Udghosh . This is one of the most exciting times in the institute for all participants and non-participants. Teams from all over the country take part in a quest to secure Gold. IIT Kanpur also has a host of other activities during this festival to add to the excitement with Sports Celebrity visits, stunt artists and professional shows. Along with these tournaments, IIT Kanpur also participates in various festivals hosted by other institutes, For example the Basketball team at IITK has participated in sports festivals at MNIT Jaipur, IIT Delhi and IIT Roorkee over the last three years. The brotherhood one finds inside all teams is remarkable and further adds to the atmosphere.

Adventure Sports club

Adventure Sports Club,IIT Kanpur is a forum for adventure enthusiasts who take immense pleasure in enjoying the thrills and raw beauty nature has to offer. Be it a remote terrain far away from all civilization where you enjoy the charms of nature in the thin air of snow peaked mountains, gushing ice cold waters in the streams, magnificent waterfalls or be it the joy of enjoying the company of seniors and juniors inside your sleeping bag under a tent while cooking food of your own, you will find all here at Adventure Sports Club! Adventure Sports Club is a club of students who share the common hobbies of trekking, mountain biking, rock and wall climbing, and other adventure activities like skiing, paragliding, rafting, kayaking etc. You just need to have the enthusiasm, guts and fitness to be a part of any of the activities of adventure club[3].

The sports activities are managed and maintained by Games and Sports Council of IIT Kanpur Student's Gymkhana. [4]

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All sports equipments are issued to all members of campus community.Apart from common grounds all halls have basketball , table tennis ,badminton courts along with well maintained gym and indoor card and board games for recreation of students and strengthening the bonding between them as sports are best means to unite students from different backgrounds


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