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Just like most of the engineering colleges in the country, the gender imbalance is also prevalent across IITs and IIT Kanpur campus is no different. The skewed sex ratio has several undesired consequences on the social life of students at IITs.

Current Statistics

Here is the current picture of sex-ratio in IIT Kanpur:

Year of Joining Y14 Y13 Y12 Y11
UG 12.78:1 8.96:1 10.62:1 10.67:1
PG 4.25:1 4.96:1 4.07:1 4.78:1

Source: romit student search

Possible Causes

  • As cited in a study on the skewed sex ratio by Aspiring Minds -an initiative of IIT and MIT alumni, the ratio of IIT-JEE applicants is 1.5: 1 (40% females). The selection rate of male applicants is close to 6.5% while for female applications, it’s around just 2%.
  • The most prominent cause behind the low selection rate is inadequate coaching or quality education for girls in India. This has a direct link to social issues regarding women. Indians hesitate in sending their girls to another city for better education (in this case, coaching centers), which clearly reduces the chances of their selection. A proof of this can be seen in Resonance's performance in 2013. They have only 11.85% female selections, which clearly is a result of less number of female students.

Effects on Social Life of Students

  • Many of the male students miss out on social interactions with the opposite gender which may result in poor personality development on the social front and may lead to consequences later in life.
  • Female students get an unusual amount of attention from the opposite gender.
  • Female students do not get enough peers of the same gender in their departments.
  • Female students do not get sufficient competition in sports.

Debate over the importance

While most students and faculties like Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi(Former Dean of Academic Affairs) agree that the skewed sex-ratio is taking a toll on social-life and college-experience of students, few argue about the importance of sex-ratio in college. Few stakeholders argue that, “How much does sex-ratio matter in shaping the college experience of a student?”

The conclusion remains the same that sex-ratio is one of the most integral factors of college life of a student and there is an urgent need to improve it in IITs including IIT Kanpur.




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