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Skating Rink at Old Sports Complex. Courtesy: Skating Club

Skating is a unique sport among the wide range of sports in IIT Kanpur. The sport is offered as a CPA (Compulsory Physical Activity) for the undergraduate freshers as well as played in the skating club, a part of the Games and Sports Council under the Students Gymkhana. Earlier evolved under the Cultural Council, the Skating Club has now fully transformed from a hobby group into a club.


Location, Facilities and Equipment

The IIT Kanpur is known for its marvelous sports facilities. In the Old Sport Complex (in front of Hall 3) there is a kota-stoned skating rink with floodlights so that it is available even after the sundown. The rink is open from 0600 hrs to 2100 hrs on all days. Skating Club has quite a good number of skates of various types like Adjustable Rollers(for beginners), Rollers, Hypers, and In-lines. These skates can be issued from skating club by campus residents against their id cards. Protective guards like knee guards, elbow guards and helmets are also available in the club. Apart from skating, Roller Boards and Roller Hockey equipments like hockey sticks, hockey balls, shins are also there for those interested in Roller Hockey.


Students during a CPA session. Courtesy: Skating Club

Skating is offered as a Compulsory Physical Activity (CPA) for first year undergraduate students in first two semesters. There are no trials for opting skating as CPA and hence prior knowledge is not required. Proper coaching is given by CPA instructor which includes regular drills, technique and exercises. The CPA is only for first two semesters with one hour a day and two days a week. After that interested students can join the Skating Club for learning advanced skating and roller hockey.

Skating Club

Skating Club comes under Games and Sports Council, Students' Gymkhana. It is a group of skating-enthusiastic students who regularly practice skating and play roller hockey. The club also organizes regular workshops and other activities for the campus residents throughout the year.

Activities of Skating Club

Workshops and Practice Sessions

During a practice session. Courtesy: Skating Club

Regular workshops are organised throughout the semester. At the starting of the semester, the workshops are of beginner level and there is no pre-requisite for that. Those who become advanced are then trained for roller hockey and various events of speed skating. Just after any workshop, a practice session is held so that those who participated in the workshop can master what they learnt in the workshop.


Skate-a-thon is the Skating Marathon organised by skating club almost every semester. Generally, the length of marathon is about 6 km. Skates for the skate-a-thon are provided by skating club one or two days before. Any campus resident who knows basic skating can participate in it.

Summer Workshop

Summers is a great period in IIT Kanpur to learn extra activities other than academics. A summer workshop is organised every summers. A professional coach is hired by the club for that purpose. The duration of the workshop is about one month.

Skating in Udghosh

Skating became a part of Udghosh, the annual sports festival of IIT Kanpur, in 2014. Initially there were only two events: Sprints and Roller Hockey, but the number of events is increased to four this year. Here is a list of the Skating events in Udghosh:

Time Trial

A picture from Roller Hockey event in Udghosh 2014. Courtesy: Skating Club.

Held "against the clock", each skater races individually for either two or four laps, attempting to establish the best time.


Skating in small groups of three of four for either two or four laps, Skaters advance in a series of heats to a final round.


Relay events include teams of four skaters each, attempting to establish the best time.

Roller Hockey

Two five-man teams (four skaters and one goalkeeper) try to drive the ball with their sticks into the opponents' goal. The ball can only be put in motion by a stick. The game has two 25-minute halves, with the clock stopping when the ball becomes dead. Each team has a one-minute timeout in each half. Each team has a minimum of six players (a backup goalie is required) and a maximum of ten.

Skating in Inferno

Skating club organizes events like Relay and time trial in Inter Hall sports festival Inferno.

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