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Shopping Center

The Shopping center(popularly known as Shop-C) is located next to the Auditorium and hosts a range of shops which provide materials needed in day-to-day life as well as others such as a restaurant, banks, cycle repairs, Most shops open by 10 am and close by 9 pm.

Day-to-day Items Shops

The entrance of Shopping Center leads to a saloon, Tailors, a gift shop and book stores. There are three book stores in total. One of them has used copies of course related books available at nominal rates.The other two keep latest editions of books. Stationery is available in one of the stores including TA drafters,calculators,rulers etc. First year Undergraduate students can order Chemistry lab uniforms here. The grocery shop has most of the day-to-day items including soaps, Detergent, shaving razor, Shampoo etc. Lying in the heart of Shop-C is the famous Copy-point where one can avail photocopy facilities. Some professors also provide hard copies of assignment thorough this shop. Right next to Copy-point is a clothing store which keeps a range of products from shirts to rain-coats.


There are also two different bank branches here - SBI (State Bank of India) and UBI (Union Bank of India). For fresh Undergraduate students the banks provide special facilities for setting up new accounts. The SBI also has 2 ATM facilities and unmanned cash deposit/transfer facilities available outside the bank.

Campus Restaurant

Campus Restaurant is the only restaurant inside of IIT Kanpur and has turned quite a hit among the students. While it doesn't do home deliveries,it provides catering in lots of events hosted by different departments of IIT Kanpur.

Chemist and other shops

At the back of shopping center, there are two eateries, a medical store and an ice-cream shop. A cycle repair shop is located at the very end of Shop-C.

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