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For the people living in crowded and polluted city of Kanpur it is the best place for someone interested in night sky watching . Shobhan temple is approximately 20 kilometres from the main city of Kanpur and 17 kms from IIT Kanpur. It is situated far from any city so the pollution is air is very low hence the sky is very clear. It's isolation and serenity makes it a very good picnic spot . The Temple is beautiful and far from busy city , perfect place for souls searching peace and calmness.

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Astronomy Club IIT Kanpur

As this place is far from city lights and pollution there we have a spectacular night view. So, IIT Kanpur Astronomy Club regularly organizes full night trip to Shobhan Temple with some enthusiastic members completely equipped with telescopes , binoculars and other devices to observe and enjoy the fascination offered by the infinite space. So if you want to observe thousands of Stars, beautiful constellations, nebulae etc. this place is the one you are looking for.


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