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Science Coffeehouse Hobby Group is an active science discussion group in the campus which aims at creating a healthy scientific atmosphere by bringing together students of all disciplines to share ideas and insights. It works under the Science and Technology Council, IIT Kanpur which is a part of the Student's Gymkhana, the student body of the institute. The hobby group meets fortnightly to discuss various topics of Scientific interests and the discussions are carried forward to their facebook group Science CoffeeHouse. The group is frequented by both undergraduate and postgraduate students of all the departments.



Science Coffeehouse started off in 2010 as an informal group of enthusiasts led by Ish Dhand and Pranjal Nayak (Y8). The group used to meet fortnightly to discuss interesting things. As the group grew in size, it got more and more recognition. Eventually, the group got the recognition of a hobby group under the Science and Technology Council, IIT Kanpur.


The group activities are managed by team headed by 2 Leaders and 8 secretaries. It is a an open group that is no enrolment/registration as such and anyone who comes and attends the meet is a member of the group. The talks are delivered by and are open to all the people of the campus junta.
Current hobby group leaders:
Tushant Mittal
Aravind Reddy


Talks The group meets fortnightly where 2-3 people come prepared with talks on scientific backgrounds. The speaker presents his/her insight and then the room is open for discussions on the topic. The talks can be about anything that might interest a science enthusiast, be it Quantum Physics, Graph Theory, Origami, Neuroscience or Canine Flatulence. Meetings can range from 2 hours to even up to 6 hours. Anyone can give a talk with the prior consent of the Hobby Group Leaders. The speakers and the topics for a meeting are decided before hand and are emailed to the campus community.


Science Coffeehouse organises an array of competitions in the Inter-Pool Science and Technology Festival which witness a participation from a lot of freshmen and seniors as well.Past events include :
Giant Particle Chess The event is an inter-pool chess tournament with some crazy twists. The participants act as various particles which are given a starting positions randomly. Different particles have different properties and move according to their properties. It's basically a game of chess with slightly different moves.
Integration Bee This event used to have probably the maximum participation among all the events of the fest. The competition used to be open for freshmen in teams of at most two where they were challenged with a huge number of Integration problems to be solved in a short period. This event has been discontinued as of 2015 because a trivial task like computing an integral is not of interest of to a science enthusiast. This event did not correctly justify the motto of the group.
Nutcracker For each day of the fest, the pools are presented with a difficult problem from different fields of science. Points are awarded for the most accurate and quick submissions.
Science Quiz The event is organised in collaboration with the Quiz Club, IIT Kanpur. The event is typical quiz open only for first-year students. Each pool sends in two teams of upto 3 members each.
SciTalk This event was introduced for the first time in Takneek 2015. The event truly reflects what Science Coffee House does, discussing ideas. For the competition, each pool will send a team of up to 3 members consisting students of the first and second year. The team will present a talk on a topic of their choice. They will be judged on the basis of the content and the delivery of the talk.

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