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SIGML - Special Interest Group on Machine Learning of Computer Science , was born out of an effort to bring together people interested in areas of Machine Learning, Data Mining and related fields.It is an endeavor to bring people who share an excitement in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP and Data Mining to discuss latest developments and research options. The group aims at organizing problem solving sessions, seminars, research days, workshops and guest lectures.

SIGML forum is envisaged to promote exchange of ideas and encourage research in emerging areas related to Machine Learning. Researchers, practitioners and interested students are invited to participate in this forum.



SIGML logo
  • To encourage and facilitate research in machine learning in the institute.
  • To attract external investment and collaboration for research work in Machine Learning.
  • To provide research resources and guidance to students.
  • To promote student-student and student-teacher interaction.
  • To provide research assistant to Indian Startup in Machine Learning.
  • To promote industrial-academia research collaboration in Machine Learning.


Coordinators: SIGML is managed by 2 Coordinators, usually one UG and one PG student. The coordinators serve a tenure of 1 year and are responsible for the conduction of all the activities of the group.

Faculty: The professors who work in the field of machine learning are the most important asset of the group. They guide the interested students, take open lectures and attract external attention to the research work in the institute.

Webmasters: Webmasters work with the Coordinators to maintain the website of SIGML. They are responsible for keeping the information on the website updated and adding features to website to facilitate the functioning of group.

UX-UI Designers: Assist the web-masters in the designing and implementation of the front end.

Student Members: They regularly attend talks, participate in reading activities, and present their research work or projects to the group.


Internal Talks

These are taken by the professors and student working with them in the field of machine learning, and hence have deep knowledge in the same. These talks are conducted apart from the courses taken in the field of machine learning.

External Seminars

Seminars are taken by professors of other universities as well as companies like Xerox , IBM and Samsung R&D ins.

Research Presentations

Presentations are given by students working in the area Machine Learning, Natural Language Understanding, Data Mining, Computer Vision and Cognitive Science. Last semester, a Machine Learning Research Day was organised with 12 presentations on various related field.


We will soon hold practical session on Machine Learning toolkit including Deep Learning library.

Reading Groups

Reading groups have a thorough discussion on various research topics. Often a research paper , book or any relevant research material is discussed. Currently there are two active reading groups i.e. Deep Learning Group and Cognitive Science Group.

Web Presence

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