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A Student Guide is a sophomore undergraduate student who is assigned 5-8 freshman students on their arrival at IIT Kanpur. He/She acts as a mentor, guide and a friend for a student. Traditionally, the student guides are selected and mentored by the Counselling Service. Every year, 130-150 students are selected from a large pool of students who willingly volunteer for the post of a Student Guide.


Selection Process

The student guide selection is a three step process that starts around the first week of March. The three steps are:

  • Application form
  • Interview
  • Reviews from Seniors

Application form

The student guide application forms are floated around the first week of march every year for all the 1st year students. The form contains questions on personal information and situation handling. These questions are based on typical situations that a student guide faces during his/her tenure. No shortlisting is done based on the application forms and all students who apply are called for interviews.


The interviews are generally held around a week after the form submission deadline. Interview panel consists of a professor and a previous core team member of Counselling Service (Assistant Coordinators and Coordinators). Interviews generally last for around 10-20 minutes in which a student is asked a few questions that enable the panelists to gauge how well the student might bond with new people and forge a long lasting relationship. Following these a few role playing questions are asked where the candidate is put in a pressure situation involving some of his students and his ability to think on his feet and come up with a solution is judged. Interviewers also try and figure out how dedicated the candidate is and how motivated he/she might be. Based on the interview, the interview panelists provide a detailed review for the student.

Reviews from senior students

Reviews of each candidate is taken from seniors from his/her Hall of Residence, Club to get more information about each candidate.

Other selection criteria

For selection as a student guide, a student must have a CPI >= 6.0 at the end of his/her second semester of study at IITK. This check is done after the 2nd semester results are declared and a student's CPI is not used or asked for at any other stage of the selection process.

The selection is done primarily on the basis of a student's interview performance. Cases of conflict are resolved through the peer-review and the application form answers.

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