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                   Wall Climbing

Wall climbing is an extra curricular activity in which participants climb up, down ,across artificial wall.It is a compulsory activity for some first year students. The climbing wall of our campus has 3 sections of varying grades each of height 11.4 meters. The first two sections, easy and medium, are of 2 meters and the difficult section is of 2.85 meters in width respectively making total span of the wall 6.85 meters.

* The objective of the rock climbing is to provide students,faculty,and staff participation opportunities which promote health,fitness, and wellness.

* The basics are shoes,harnesses,climbing rope carabiners and figure 8 climbing rappelling ring which are provided by club itself.

Some important Rules and Regulations:
* NO climbing above the 1st panel of the main wall without a belay.
* No climbing without a safety check from another certified climber.
* Only experts can belay a climber.
* Don't stand underneath climbers on the unless you are belaying them.
* every time before you climb
i) check both harnesses for proper adjustment and double-back of buckles.
ii) check both carabiners to make sure they are properly locked.Check the knot and the back-up knot.
* Wear lower and T-shits and too-tight shoes.

Belayer responsibilities:
* Never take braking hand off the rope, even for an instant (Someone else's life is literally in his hands).
* Check that the climber is tied in correctly to the rope.
* Ensure the rope is not tangled.
* Stand face-on to the wall on which their climber is climbing.

Climber responsibilities:
* Check that belayer is tied in correctly to the rope.
* Use the correct shoes.
* Let the bilayer know when before start climbing(by conventional sign).

* New SAC, IIT Kanpur, Kanpur ,UP,208016.

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