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The Robotics Club of IIT kanpur is fraternity,it is not just a group but a faction of such students whose passions dwell in beholding wires and metal beget a machine that has a brain of its own.It's here, that seeds of lecturing are sown by those experienced and erudite, nurtured by the interested and novice , pruned by minute yet unprecedented errors and harvested in competitions all over India

Robotics club is one of the major part of IIT kanpur SNT counsil. We consider it as not just a club but as a family. It was actually established in 2003-04, before that it was a part of the Electronics and Robotics Club. The club offers guidance, workshops and tutorials along with the tools, equipment and workspace.

The family meets periodically to discuss over matters such as the management of the workspace, workshops, projects and competitions. We welcome anyone, with or without prior knowledge, who wishes to be a part of this fraternity. There are no pre-requisites to join because we have members that believe in the transfer of knowledge, especially that which concerns our precious interest in Robotics.

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