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The Robotics Club of IIT Kanpur is a fraternity, it is not just a group but a fraction of students whose passions dwell in beholding wires and metals, creating a machine that has a brain of its own.It's here, that seeds of lecturing are sown by those experienced and erudite, nurtured by the interested and novice, pruned by minute yet unprecedented errors and harvested in competitions all over India.

Robotics club is one of the major parts of IIT Kanpur SnT Council. We consider it as not just a club but as a family. It was actually established in 2003-04, before that it was a part of the Electronics and Robotics Club. r precious interest in Robotics.

Organizational Structure

Coordinators: The club is currently headed by 4 Pre-final year Undergraduate students. The coordinators serve as a tenure of 1 year and are responsible for all the activities, competitions, and workshops conducted by the club, as well as for its financial management.

Secretaries: There are 21-25 secretaries appointed for the club, who work with the coordinators for the smooth conduction of all the club related activities. They are responsible for publicizing the events conducted by the club, as well as for delivering various lectures throughout the year.

Club Activities


A toy car built by freshers (source: Robotics Club IIT Kanpur )

The club organizes 3-4 competitions in Takneek, the inter-hall technical competition of IIT Kanpur, every year. One of the most popular competitions of the Robotics club conducted during Takneek is the Wild Soccer. It is one of the most enjoyed competitions in the entire Takneek.

Takneek also involves a competition for the freshers as well, known as Robotricks, which provides an opportunity to the freshers for building some stuff in order to tackle a given problem statement.

Lectures and Workshops The club organizes various lectures and workshops for the campus junta in order to make them familiar with various technologies currently being used in the field of robotics for different tasks. Some of the lectures are also conducted for demonstrating the projects undergoing under the club.

Conducting a workshop (source: Robotics Club IIT Kanpur )

Winter Camp The club organizes a 10-15 days winter camp during the first two weeks of December. The camp is basically meant for the first and second-year students, however, there is no restriction as such. The camp involves a series of lectures and workshops for the students, as well as various group projects, each mentored by one or two secretaries. At the end of the camp, the groups are meant to demonstrate their projects. The club also provides certificates to the groups for the successful completion of their projects.

Summer Camp The club organizes a 40-day long Summer Camp for the campus junta during the academic summer break every year. This camp provides greater opportunities, especially to the students who had completed their first year, for learning more about robotics through some group projects based on real-world applications. Various lectures and workshops are delivered by the coordinators, secretaries as well as some other senior students who had worked in the club earlier, sharing their knowledge with the students. These projects are mentored by the secretaries and proper guidance is provided by the coordinators as well. The coordinators regularly check for the progress of each project and conduct two evaluations (the Mid-term evaluation and the End-term evaluation) for each project. Certificates are also provided to the students who successfully complete their project in the summer camp.

Sometimes, some of these summer camp projects are carried on by the students and get under the category of long-term projects of the club.

Apart from all these, the Robotics club has participated in competitions in various other colleges (like Techfest of IIT Bombay) as well.

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