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Main entrance of the Mall



Rave 3 is one of the few big malls in Kanpur. It is a huge mall covering an area of 1,500,000 sq ft located on Parvati Bagla road. In order to bring back the glory of the city, the two leading business houses of Kanpur took the challenge of setting up of the Multiplex of international standard in the city of Kanpur. The two renowned business houses – The "Jagran Group" and the "Kothari Group" named the Multiplex as "RAVE 3". ‘3’ denotes the international standard of a number of screens possessed by the multiplex. Commercially operational since May 2002, Rave 3 has demonstrated strong success. The mall has a mix of International and local brands with about 50% of the area dedicated to shopping. Rave3 is also one of the First multiplexes of international standard in India. The mall aims at the high-class society of city catering to their demands and luxurious.


It contains a multiplex 'BIG CINEMAS' having three screens. Big Cinemas is a division of Reliance MediaWorks.There is a food court also available inside the cine hall. All Bollywood and some popular Hollywood movies are screened in this multiplex with a good quality print. It has an online booking facility also.

Food Court

There a lot of good restaurants in rave 3 offering excellent food and services which include Antarang, Agashiye, Banyan Tree, Chin Mi. It also has outlets of food chains like Barista, Dominoes, Mc Donald's, Nescafe and Upper Crust on the ground floor. In all, it is the best mall in the city in terms of the food court.

Shopping Arcade

Rave 3 also has a large area dedicated to shopaholics with stores like Pantaloons, Wills life Style Store, Red Tape, and Cubes / Planet M. Despite having one of the best brands they do not offer a lot of variety to the customer.

Terrazza 9

Rave 3 is having this roof top restaurant and bar. This place is amazing in terms of food and environment, however following the general trend of rave 3 it is a lot expensive. However, you will get an iitk discount in the restaurant but not in the bar. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful.

Special Attractions

The mall has a very good night club Felix with invite-only membership. Being a high-class club there is a specific dress code and a strict code of conduct for the club.


rave 3

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