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Range of opportunities at IITK

IITK provides a vast range of opportunities in acadamics ,cultural activities and sports.It also provide many resources like Computer centre,Library and access to airstrip where test fllights are performed. Acadamic Opportunities

Students of IITK are allowed to participate in various competitions hosted by companies like Hack U,Microsoft and various others at IITk.IITK surge programme also provides interships to the students.Thay are allowed to take up a project or reasearch of their intrests under professor of respective field which enhances their creative thiniking and knowledge.Students placement office of IITK is an platform where studnets of 3rd and 4th year students sit for internship and placements programmes respectively.Overall IITK provides wide range of oppurtunities in acadmics in every department either through research or internships.Link to Surge Programme Opportunitites in cultural activities

There are many cultural activity clubs like Dance club,Drams club etc; which are maintained by students by upholding the posts of differnet responisibilities. students join clubs of their in intrest and practice for intercollege festivals like Antragni where they get to compete with other colleges and show their talents in cultural activities.Through these clubs they get to explore their intrests in various cultural fields. Sports Opportunities

During the first year at iitk students are compelled to take atleast one sport of their intrest.Many different sports are offered at iitk.They get the opportunity to compete with other colleges through programmes like INTER IIT Championships and festivals like Udgosh and josh.IITK also provoides sports scholarships which acts as an incentive.

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