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Raktarpan is an initiative under National Service Scheme(NSS) IIT Kanpur which aims at erradicating the blood shortage in Kanpur. It works under Presidential council IIT Kanpur. It organises frequent Blood Donation Camps in the campus along with other awareness activities such as Poster Making competitions, Awareness Sessions etc. It also has an independent student run helpline which aims at handling all the requests raised and is live round the clock.

It works with the help of GSVM Medical College Blood Bank, a unit under UPSACS and NACO, with a joint aim to promote voluntary blood donation and wish that no person, in the hour of need, has to face the crisis of blood shortage.
It was founded by Himanshu Aggarwal and Sachin, two alumni of the institute in 2012. The idea came up with a heated discussion in their wing about the contribution of IITs in social scenario. The issue of Blood shortage came up and very soon was raised in Student's Senate IIT Kanpur.

Team Structure:

Charu Bansal               President
Shubham Prakash            Coordinator   
Ashu Prakash               Creatives Head   
Deeksha Rewadi             Creatives Head  
Divyat Mahajan             Technical Head 
Kumar Kshitij Patel        UG Wing Head 
Priyadarshini Agrawal      UG Wing Head 
Hrishikesh Terdalkar       PG Wing Head
Anand Prakash Dwivedi      PG Wing Head 

Deepak Lunawat, Mona Mirza, Mukesh Meena, Saurabh Singh, Mayank Shakya, Roni Namo 
Devi prasad Panigrahi, Abhishek Karmakar, Madhurish Nitish Gupta 

Past Blood Donation Camps:

Year 2013:
1. February 3  
2. April 7
3. August 17

Year 2014:
1. January 25
2. April 6
3. May 14
4. June 16
5. August 23
6. October 1 
7. October 16
8. October 17
9. November 1

Year 2015:
1. February 7
2. April 5
3. June 27
4. August 1
5. Sept 27
6. Oct 4

Year 2016:
1. January 2
2. Feb 6
3. Feb 28
4. April 2
5. April 3
6. May 26
7. June 12
7. July 30-31   
9. September 24    
10. September 25
10. October 1
11. October 2

Raktarpan runs a round the clock Helpline that is focussed at handling Emergency Requests. It maintains a Helpline Database of all the donors who have contributed towards this generous cause. When a request is raised for a particular blood group, a match is looked for in the database and contacted. When the donor agrees, he is accompanied by a member of Raktarpan team to the blood bank for bleeding. After donation the donor is provided with Refreshments including Juice and fruits. He is dropped back to his place after that. Helpline is still in its initial phase but the service is growing fast.

Benefits of Blood Donation Blood donation is not hazardous and it proves to be a healthy habit that helps in blood renewal. The volume of each blood unit donated is 370-400 ml which is only 7.5% of adult blood volume. It is compensated in a short period of time.

 - It reduces the chance of heart disease.
 - Enhances the production of new Red Blood Cells.
 - It helps in fighting Hemochromatosis ( A disorder that results
in too much iron being absorbed from gastrointestinal tract).

How can you Help:

1. Donate regularly- every 3 months.
2. Help spread the word about blood shortage and Raktarpan.
3. Become a Raktarpan member
    - Organise blood donation camps.
    - Conduct awareness sessions.
    - Run helpline to meet emergency requirements.

Problem of Blood Shortage in India:
1. Acute shortage of over 3 million units anually.
2. Uttar Pradesh is among the worst affected states with a meager collection of only 6 lack blood units against annual requirement of 19 lakh blood units in 2009-10.
3. 62 out of 159 countries have achieved 100% non-remunerated voluntary donation. India too should strive to achieve this goal to provide sufficient blodd for all patients who require transfusion.
4. Blood Banks work as independent bodies and do not support each other during shortage.
5. The lack of transparency of blood stock in a blood bank and the lack of coordination also leads to wastage.


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