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The campus has a shopping complex which is popularly called ShopC by the campus junta. This serves as the main market inside the campus. Apart from this, each hall has a xerox shop as well. There is also a very small market at MT Section. Also, right outside the campus, we have a small market incase someone is unable to find anything inside the campus.


Inside Campus


ShopC is the first place to look for when you want anything at IITK. It is located close to the Academic Area and next to the Main Auditorium. At ShopC you can buy books, stationery, daily needs and even medicines. There are two shops that provide photocopy, printouts and related services. It also has saloons, small bakeries and a restaurant. Apart from these, we have an ophthalmologist, a travel agent and a computer repair shop located here. There are cycle repair shops located just behind ShopC. ShopC has a SBI branch and also has SBI and UBI ATMs. Recently, an e-corner has also opened here.

MT Section

The market at MT section is small. Basic necessities like toiletries and cosmetics can be purchased here. It has a cycle repair shop that is open from 10am to 5pm. The market is also known for its tea stalls which start as early as 5 in the morning. A small temple is also located here where prayers are conducted every morning and evening.

Medicine Stores

Medicines are provided to the students by the Health Center(HC) free of charge. However, sometimes the HC asks us to buy medicines also. There are small medicine stores located in ShopC and also in front of GHT. The amount spent on buying the medicines is reimbursed to the student.

Inside the Halls

Many halls have xerox shops inside of behind them. Some may also have other small shops like barber shops and laundry.

Shopping outside Campus

The local market at Kanpur also helps cater some of the needs of IITK residents.

Kalyanpur Market

Apart from the small market at IIT Gate, the Kalyanpur Market is the closest market, lying within a 2km radius of our campus. It provides a market for almost all kinds of purchases.

The shopping could also be requirement based so here is another classification.


Coolers are in demand during the summers. Fortunately, there are many shops that sell coolers, not far away from the campus. A few shops are located right outside the Institute Gate itself. Shops can also be found in the Kalyanpur Market. The shops for coolers are widespread and can be found in Rail Bazaar(3 km), Lakhanpur(3 km) and Geeta Nagar(7 km). Medium-size Metallic Body coolers are available in the range of Rs.3000-Rs.4500 depending upon the location of the place(if you want it to be delivered), generosity of the dealer and the negotiation skills of the purchaser.

External Links

A list of all the purchase stores including their contact numbers and locations can be found here.

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