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Programming Club (or PClub, as it is widely known) is a community of students highly enthusiastic about Coding, Ethical Hacking, Web Development, Linux, Open Source and all other aspects of programming. It works under the guidance of the Science and Technology Council, IIT Kanpur which is a part of The Students' Gymkhana, the student body of the Institute. The club is responsible for conducting programming and development events for the campus residents. With its motto: “Eat, Sleep, Code”, PClub strives to inculcate and foster the culture of programming on the campus. The Programming Club also maintains various services to be used by the junta.

The Official Facebook group ( of Programming Club, as of 21st August 2016, has almost 20,000 members to get the latest news and articles from the Club. This fact can be seen in a geeky version on the group's cover picture.

Programming Club logo



The club tries its best to promote and use Open Source software and ensures that the incoming community imbibes the ethics of the same. The initial lectures do not assume any knowledge of programming, and thus the club stays open to all who are interested in Programming.

Organizational Structure

Coordinators: The club is currently headed by 4 Coordinators, who are Pre-Final year Undergraduate students. The coordinators serve a tenure of 1 year and are responsible for the conduction of all the activities, scheduling events as well as managing the finances. They often take lectures for the benefit of the students.

Secretaries: 20-25 Secretaries work with the Coordinators to assist in the working of the club. They are responsible for the publicity of the events, contributing the questions in various contests. Usually, the secretaries are Undergraduate Sophomores. The secretaries are the direct points of contacts for the freshers and sometimes help out in the lectures.

PClub includes, and collaborates with various other programming groups around campus, such as "Algorithms Interests Group", "Navya" - the Open_Source_Community, "InfoSecIITK", "Google Developers Group" (ACA), "Association for Computing Activites" (ACA).


Introductory Workshop: The club holds an introductory workshop for freshers new to programming to help them out.

Lectures: The Programming Club holds regular lectures across diverse fields such as algorithms, web development, app development and machine learning. The lectures often involve live demos on programming and development and are usually held in series with difficulty increasing every lecture.

Open Source Lecture Series: These lectures are to motivate students for participating in GSoC and contributing to open source.

Applications: The club often develops and deploys applications for the campus junta. For instance, Puppy Love is a couple matching platform used during the Valentines week.

Summer Camp: The Club organizes a summer camp every year during the academic summer break. This 40-day long camp offers multiple projects to students who have finished their freshman year, and wish to learn more about Programming through practical projects. These projects are mentored by senior students and are overseen by the Coordinators. In addition to this, the summer camp also involves various lectures and internal contests for the learning and benefit of the people on campus during the summers. Projects done in the past have been very successful and have received much attention. Examples of past summer projects:

All the projects can be found at PClub Projects.

Contests: The club, apart from learning opportunities, also conducts various competitions for the students, to provide them a platform to test their knowledge in a competitive environment. The various contests are described in a separate section.


Freshers' Programming Contest: This contest is organized right in the beginning of the first semester, soon after the first introductory lecture and the introductory workshop. It consists of various basic algorithmic and programming tasks, very similar in pattern to online contests, but of a much simpler level. This helps recognize people who are already skilled at programming, to ensure that they get the requisite attention. But not just this, this also helps people new to programming to begin foraying into competitive programming.

Crypto: Held in association with InfoSecIITK, this is a night-long Capture The Flag Style contest held for about 8 hours as a part of Takneek. It consists of various challenges ranging from forensics to web exploitation.

BlackBox: This fresher-only contest is conducted as a part of Takneek, the inter-hall IITK contest. It involves two stages, beginning with a stage having maths and logic questions; followed by the final stage. The final stage involves programming in an unknown esoteric programming language, which is provided (with the compiler and documentation) at the beginning of the contest. The students have to write certain programs in this new language within the time constraints.

KodeFest: This a contest on competitive programming, again a part of Takneek, and involves residents of halls collaborating to write solutions to algorithmic problems while competing with the other halls.

Weekend Programming Contests: The club organizes a couple of Weekend Programming Contests every year for the residents of IITK, with prizes for top performers to encourage participation. The contests are algorithmic in nature.


Student Search Webapp: This a web app which allows searching for any student on campus. Students can be filtered as per branch, hall, batch, program & even hometown. Easily find people you were searching for. This is hosted at

Student Search Android App: This is an Android App which offers the same functionality as the above on your android phone, offline. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store: Student Search

Puppy Love: The queerly named Puppy Love platform has been running since 2014, meant to help shy nerds meet their crush. The platform opens 1 week prior to the Valentine’s Day every year, and let’s people choose up to 4 of their crushes, encrypting their choices with their password. At the stroke of the midnight hour, everyone logs back, and their choices are decrypted, and are then matched to other people’s choices. Only the people who matched are informed about it. If your love was unrequited (the other person didn’t like you), you will not get to know. More importantly, if you did not like the other person, you would not know if that person liked you or not. The platform uses a zero-trust-algorithm - For more info see Blog Post on Puppy Love

PClub Website: The programming club's wbsite, hosted at [1], is a blog filled with beginner's guides for various topics intended to help out people getting started with a particular topic. It is updated regularly with new articles every two weeks.


The Programming club has, in its possession, a wide array of gadgets and tools which are used for conducting projects. Some of them are: Microsoft Kinect, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, LeapMotion device, Google Nexus 5, Google Cardboard etc.

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