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The evaluation of students in a course is a continuous process and is based on their performance in the mid-semester and end-semester examinations, quizzes/ short tests, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work (if any), make-up examinations (if applicable), etc.

Academic Probation

A student of is placed on Academic Probation if his/her SC and/or TC at the end of a regular semester are as follows:

SC ≥ 30 and TC < (24+N)*N
SC < 30 and (24+N)*N ≤ TC < 36*N

where SC = Semester Credits, TC = Total Credits and N = Number of regular semesters a student was registered in.

Note: The above criteria is for Y13 B.Tech/BS and onward batches.

The following conditions shall be applicable to students on academic probation:

  • S/he shall preferably register for all CORE/compulsory courses (if available) in which the letter grade E/F/X is obtained.
  • S/he shall not hold any official position or represent the institute in any extra-curricular activities during

    the period of academic probation.

  • S/he shall submit an undertaking counter-signed by the parents, ensuring good academic conduct.

    The proforma for the undertaking is available from undergraduate office.

  • Any other terms/conditions laid down by the SUGC/Academic Senate.

Termination of Programme

Academic programme of a student may be terminated by the Senate under the following conditions:

  • If he/she is on Academic Probation in the immediately preceding semester and falls under following criteria:

    SC<30 and TC<(24+N)*N

  • Is absent without authorized leave of absence for a major part of the semester and does not appear in the end-semester examination of all the courses in which he/she is registered.
  • Fails to report and register by the last date of registration without any bona fidé reason.
  • Involves himself/herself, in violation of the code of conduct, in ragging, etc. and the Senate-Student Affairs Committee (S-SAC) a special Institute committee makes a recommendation to that effect.

Appeal against Termination

A Student whose programme is terminated may appeal to the Chairman, Academic Senate, for re-instatement in the programme. In cases of termination due to inadequate academic performance, the student should clearly explain causes for the poor performance, including why those causes will not adversely affect his/her performance in future. The senate shall take a final decision after considering all the available inputs. However, the Senate may not entertain any further appeal(s) for review unless substantial additional information is brought to its notice.

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